SFBG Radio: Lies, truth and Meg Whitman


In today's episode, Johnny and Tim talk about fact, fiction, reality - -and Meg Whitman. You can listen and join the fun after the jump.

WarmingWhitman by johnnywangel


Johnny an interesting show as always. Folks shouldn't be surprised at conservative/Republican reactions to things like Climate Change to having a fiscal matters of government. What has been presented to them from scientists to economists is logic, and logic to a Republican is what kryptonite is to Superman.

Jerry Brown's run for governor is quickly approaching that make or break point. It won't wait for him, and he may not get another chance at striking Meg as critically as now. In a few weeks her money machine will truly begin ramping up and blitzkrieg the media with her corrupt memes. And you know damn well that a lie told often soon becomes a mass-approved "truth." And if her numbers truly pick up, Brown's potential donors may begin to back away.

In a way, Jerry Brown's run for governor reminds me of former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani's run for the GOP's nomination for President. While Giuliani's run wasn't an assured success, he had built up such potential in terms of money and potential donors not to mention momentum. Yet opportunity after opportunity he let slip from his fingers, always saving his powder for the primary in Florida thinking that if he scored there he would clinch it. Yet by the time Florida had arrived, it was too late as the wind had left his sales and had gathered against his opponents who took advantage of opportunities given to them. I fear the same may be happening to the Brown electoral race.

Brown needs to hit Meg hard now, the momentum swing is now. She's made enough mistakes for him to nail the message that that Silicon Valley plutocrat debutant doesn't know what the hell she's talking about with regards to running a state. She's got conservatives upset with her over her chameleon like attitudes towards things like immigration. Jerry Brown could actually siphon off few conservative votes if he acts right now. Megabucks Whitman's take on taxes and cutting back the state's public employee rolls is another potential for Brown. While the unions normally engender their support towards the Democratic Party, that doesn't mean apathy won't born workers staying home. He needs to show how a)unfair her tax plan is, b)how fiscally irresponsible it is, and c) how laying off those working for the state will only maximize the state's unemployment situation. It amazes me, given the fact that (outside of entertainment and trade) the largest employer in Southern California is either the government or an entity tied to it, that Jerry Brown would take advantage of that fact with regards to Meg's job axe!

Posted by Johnny Venom on Jul. 28, 2010 @ 9:52 am