Immigrant advocates protest AZ law and Jerry Brown's SecureComm support


SF Pride's Gabriel Haaland reports that the California Highway Patrol made them take down their "No One is Illegal" drop banner at 9.a.m.
The SF Pride action came on the heels of yesterday's protest in which over a hundred people gathered in front of the federal building to rally for comprehensive immigration reform, oppose AZ's SB 1070 law and to oppose the fingerprinting program that was imposed on SF known as S-Comm (i.e., Secure Communities), effectively undermining the city's sanctuary ordinance. Nineteen people were arrested for engaging in civil disobediance and blocking Seventh Street.

Today, several more immigrant rights rallies are taking place, including one outside the San Francisco office of gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Jerry Brown. The protest, which was organized by the SF Day Labor Program and the Women's Collective, targets Brown for not supporting San Francisco Sheriff Mike Hennessey's request to opt San Francisco out of the  S-Comm program. 

Meanwhile, over at City Hall, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said he doesn't see any problem with the SecureComm program.
"There is no reason to opt out,"Newsom told reporters at a budget signing press conference.

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