Is a serial killer with a knife on the loose in SF?

Signs of a serial killer in San Francisco?
De la Plaza was found dead in his Hayes Valley apartment. Di Martino was found dead in his Lower Haight apartment on Hermann Street.

That’s the question Melissa Nix, ex-girlfriend of Hugues de la Plaza posed, on reading in the Examiner that Philp DiMartino, 36, had been found dead from multiple stab wounds inside an apartment in San Francisco.
It’s definitely a scary thought—one that Nix kept raising when she was fighting with the San Francisco Police Department over de la Plaza’s cause of death. The San Francisco Medical Examiner initially ruled that de la Plaza’s cause of death was “undetermined.”
But Nix, who challenged the notion that de la Plaza would ever have killed himself, kept worrying that de la Plaza had been murdered—and that his killer was still on the loose, and possibly walking the streets of San Francisco.
In February, de la Plaza's father announced that the SFPD was now considering the case as a murder. And Nix uncovered another forensic report that supported her belief that her ex had been stabbed by someone else.

Either way, the two men certainly died in close proximity to one another: de la Plaza's apartment was on Linden Street, Martino's was at 138 Hermann Street.


There are some similarities between the two deaths, but I'd need more information before I start suspecting serial killer.

Posted by Peter on Aug. 03, 2010 @ 2:58 pm

After your last article re: the Bee hate crime murders, I am sure there is a murderer in the hood.

Posted by bob on Aug. 04, 2010 @ 8:30 am

until nix comes clean and explains why she lied on numerous occasions, pertaining to many details regarding the murder of Hugues, a lover she was deeply devoted to and obsessed with even 3 years after his passing, his killer likely will remain free. look closely at the lies she's told. i am continuously amazed she enjoys freedom to walk the streets.

Posted by Guest boris k on Aug. 14, 2010 @ 2:46 am

Nix is suspicious to me, extremely suspicious. She says she was visiting her family in Virginia when she got the news that Hugues was murdered. It was Saturday June 2nd. the day of his death that she claims she received calls from three friends with the news. I don't believe her. She may have received those calls, but my money says she was not in Virginia at the time. How did her old friends know where to reach her, if not for a cell phone? She alleges they called her because she would know what to do regarding informing his family. Yet, she waits two full days to call them.

She was a reporter for a newspaper in S.F. at that time and she had a deadline for a report to be published on the fourth just 2 days after the murder and after she allegedly was informed. Nah. I don't think she would visit her family 3,000 miles away with a report due on the fourth in California.

According to her, she waited until Monday morning, the 4th. to call the police in S.F. to confirm he was dead. Immediately after speaking to the S.F. police, she was on a jet to S.F. to try to help with the investigation. Not buying it. She would never have been able to wait 2 days before calling S.F. to confirm his death. No way, IMO. Also, she established a website in his honor a few hours later in S.F. on the 4th. Busy girl.

She said it was one of the worst things she ever had to do, informing his parents that he was dead, that is. Bologna. The cops said they had informed them and it wasn't until after she called them that they told her they hadn't heard from the police. She had no idea they didn't know.

She said she broke it off with him years before. Bologna. Later, she conceded they tried to get back together several times over the years including just a few months before he was murdered.

She wrote that she was happy he was dating other people. She called him the love of her life, her best friend, her one true love, etc. and she wants people to think she was happy he was dating. Sure.

Hugues was not in love with Melissa, IMO, but she has been obsessed/in love with him from the moment she first introduced herself to him and asked him out around a decade ago.

She said that the detectives wouldn't talk to her and that they had no questions for her, either. Those are flat out lies. They spent hours talking to her and asking about them and him.

She maintains a local reporter didn't know about Hugues death when she phoned him to inquire what he knew about the tragedy. The reason? He only covered murders and obituaries, not suicides. Folks, do any of you know of a reporter that will not publish a story about a suspicious murder/suicide that is officially undetermined? Of course not. She cites this example as proof the cops were referring to his death as a suicide from the "get go." Bolagna and more bologna. She says she asked this reporter how the cops could conclude he stabbed himself inside his apartment and then went outside. This conversation with the reporter took place 3 or 4 days after his death and the cops hadn't pieced together what they believed happened until much later. How did she know what the cops had concluded at that point?

Sher took care of the clean-up of his blood soaked apartment too before week's end. She was preparing it for his parents to stay there as they were flying in to S.F. the saturday following his death. She hired an out-of-town clean-up crew.She took pictures of the crime scene and noticed valuable silver was missing.

Melissa did and said these things when the two were last a couple over 4 years prior, or so she claimed to the cops, anyway. If it walks, talks, looks like a duck...start quackin.

Posted by Guest artie on Oct. 08, 2010 @ 1:03 am


keep your detective work to urself...I am sure you have been in love before, could you imagine finding out that person is gone forever. Thanks to Melissa, Hugues story is getting out there, people are discussing the case and hopefully she and his family feel satisified by having Hugues live on in their words. How dare you take that away? You are heartless!!

Posted by shaureen on Dec. 24, 2010 @ 2:42 am

Nah. Let her answer those questions and don't ever tell me what to do. EVER.

If she was glad he was dating others, she was over him. Fact is, she wasn't over him. She wasn't glad he was dating others. She was insanely obsessed with him and is the primary suspect in my opinion.
You can't have it both ways.

Keep your mouth shut or you will prove to be the idiot you really are.

Posted by Guest artie on Mar. 24, 2011 @ 11:50 am