The real reason GOP is obssessing on the Ground Zero mosque


Daily Kos contributing editor Jed Lewison suggests that it's because the Republican Party has nothing else to contribute to the conversation, as the election nears.

It's an interesting theory.

As Lewison writes, "Despite polling that shows most Americans -- including Democrats and even many liberals -- oppose building a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, Republicans are making a big mistake in building their fall campaign around the issue, in the process handing Democrats a big opportunity.

"GOPers obviously believe that the symbolism of the mosque issue makes it ripe of exploitation," Lewison continues. "And it might be true that the mosque is the best issue they've got going for them, even if the public debate about it has been fueled by bigotry and false characterizations of the proposal. Nonetheless, their decision to exploit it says more about the fundamental weakness of GOP than it does about their political prowess."

"Here's why: the mosque issue is far less important than the economy, and every moment that the GOP spends focusing its message on the mosque provides Democrats with the chance to point out that Republicans are fundamentally unserious about doing what it takes to get the economy going again," Lewison concludes. "Every poll shows the economy is priority #1, #2, and #3, yet Republicans haven't offered a single economic plan other than to do nothing."

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