Why I support gun control


I admit I don't know the details, but it hardly matters: An Oakland kid just died because he was playing with a handgun.

My nephew, who has a couple of rifles and loves to go the the range and shoot at targets, calls me every now and then to tell me that "my president" -- you know, Obama -- wants to take away his guns. I tell him Obama doesn't want his guns, and I don't, either. And I'm a carnivore, so I can't even say I'm against hunting.

But I am against easy access to handguns, which really have no purpose except to kill other people. And since all the angry libertarians are going to slam me and talk about self-defense, let me remind you: The odds that your gun will kill you or someone you love are much greater than the odds that you'll ever actually use it for effective self-defense. One less handgun in Oakland might mean one more kid alive today.


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