Farewell, Mayor Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, the real mayor of San Francisco
Luke Thoma
Cohen defends the city's redevelopment plan for Candlestick Point and the shipyard

No one who has been closely tracking the shipyard development will be surprised that Michael Cohen. Mayor Gavin Newsom's top economic advisor, is leaving City Hall.  Folks have long speculated that city officials would start jumping ship--and even become real estate developers themselves--the minute the ink dried on Newsom’s signature on the deal.

But they might be surprised to know that during Cohen’s visits to China, the media has been describing him  as “Deputy Mayor of San Francisco.”


But as DCCC chair Aaron Peskin recently quipped, “The Chinese media got it all wrong. That’s because Cohen is the real mayor of San Francisco.”

Cohen told the Examiner today that he does not plan to work for the big companies that he has been doing business with in recent years....so, stay tuned.