Newsom and the mighty duck


Remarkable (or sadly, maybe not so remarkable) interview with Gavin Newsom on the Bay Citizen website. Remarkable because the candidate for lt. governor ducked every single significant issue. Not so remarkable, I guess, because it's just more of what we've seen for years.

And because it really did show his political priorities.

His repsonse, for example, to a question about the cost of higher education in California: "You have to stop all these budget cuts. ... Stop the draconian budget cuts. It's counter to fiscal prudency, economic growth and competitive advantage."

So how do you do that? How do you find the money?


"It's a question of priorities, what do you value. San Francisco ... didn't cut in those areas we value."

Oh, so we don't care about services for the poor?

Then there's Prop. 13. His answer to the complete unfairness of the state's property tax system? Quack:

"Difficult questions. It requires a debate, and I'm not afraid of saying we should have a debate about this." Amazing. The almighty duck.



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