Alioto-Pier's campaign ends


District 2 candidates Janet Reilly, Mark Farrell, Kat Anderson, Vilma Guinto Peoro, Barbara Berwick and Abraham Simmons may be breaking out the champagne, right about now. That’s because incumbent D. 2 Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier just saw her bid to run for re-election squashed.

But bubbly likely won’t be flowing chez Michela.

As Fog City Journal reports, Alioto-Pier put out a statement expressing her disappointment in the outcome, but her respect for the judicial process.

“I believed and continued to believe that the intent of the voters as reflected in the plain language of our city charter allows me to run for second four year term,” Alioto-Pier said, as she pledged to keep working for her district until her terms ends in January.

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