Endorsement interviews: Steve Moss


Steve Moss sees the future of District 10 as a great opportunity -- for all of California. "We are a solution to the state's problem," he told us. Development in D 10 can help solve suburban sprawl and reduce commuting time and build a more sustainable state. But that means the state and the region need to help pay for the infrastructure needed to accomodate some 40,000 new residences over the next 20 years.

Moss had plenty of ideas about how to pay the huge tab for public amenities, including tapping existing state and regional money for transit, wetlands restoration and port and waterfront use -- as well as a substantial local infrastructure bond. He talks and thinks like the policy analyst and professor he's been, saying that the way to address issues is to identify the problems then target resources to fix them.

But he's still a little vague on some of the city's pressing issues. He wouldn't take a stand on sit-lie (although he's leaning against it), wouldn't take a stand on the Campos Sanctuary City measure (although he said the city should "stay away from interacting the the federal government) and didn't seem to have any problems with gang injunctions, which he said "have calmed things down."

You can listen to the entire interview here:


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