Endorsement interviews: Theresa Sparks


Theresa Sparks says her first priority is jobs and public safety. She wants to more agressively pursue clean technology, with tax breaks if necessary. She wants more development in the district (but "smart development.") She argues that the city should do an "incubator," to really focus on new technologies.

She's also not a big fan of taxes -- she supports the real-estate transfer tax, but not the hotel tax ("next year could be a great convention year," she said, arguing that higher taxes would put that at risk.) She didn't like Sup. David Chiu's business tax reforms beause, she said, she thought it would replace private-sector jobs with public-sector jobs. And she said she thinks there's more at City Hall to cut, particularly in the nonprofits that get city contracts.

She says she supports full staffing for the Police Department, wants to repair the "broken disciplinary" system -- and supports sit-lie.  You can listen to our entire interview here:


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