Endorsement interviews: Bert Hill


Bert Hill is running to represent western San Francisco on BART's Board of Director, taking on incumbent James Fang, the city's only Republican elected official. But even though Hill has the support of Democratic Party and a wide variety of progressive organizations, voters won't see their party affiliation in this nonpartisan race. Instead, the race could be a referendum on an agency that Hill says isn't responsive enough to the needs and experiences of riders.

“It's important to figure out what are human needs on the trains,” Hill told us, citing the need to better accommodate passengers with bicycles and lots of luggage, the lack on working bathrooms and elevators in most stations, extending service beyond midnight on weekends, and the need for better station labels so passenger easily know when to get off.

Hill said BART is in need of major reforms in its financial planning (calling for the agency to build reserves during good times to avoid service cuts during recessions), its police force (saying the board should consider disbanding the BART Police and contracting out to local law enforcement agencies), and its transparency and accountability (telling a funny story about his own experience just trying to get permission to take a campaign photo by a BART train).

Listen to Hill full endorsement interview below. Fang has not responded to Guardian requests for an endorsement interview.

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