How lame is the San Francisco Chronicle?


Pretty goddam lame.

Bruce Brugmann always says that the way to tell where a big-city daily newspaper stands is to look at its endorsements for mayor and United States Senate. And on Sept, 26, the Chronicle endorsed for United States Senate and said:

Man, we suck. In a race with a crystal-clear choice, we can't make up our minds. So we won't endorse either of them.

The Guardian's done a few "no endorements" too -- but only in races where an incumbent who's really bad is unopposed, or where the outcome is pretty much pre-determined and we want to make a statement. In a race like this, ducking the question is completely irresponsible. One of these two women is going to get elected to the United States Senate -- and the outcome of the vote will have major national significance. Make a choice, folks. The voters have to.

Stay tuned for our local and statewide endorsements issue, coming out October 6. Listen to our interviews with the candidates here.