Register to vote before midnight


Did you know that you have until midnight today to register to vote? That you have until next Tuesday (Oct. 26) to request a vote-by-mail ballot?
And that you have until election night, which falls on November 2, Day of the Dead, to actually vote?

If you are not sure if you are eligible to vote, check the rules here. And then download a voter registration form here.

Or pick one up at the Department of Elections, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or at post offices and public libraries throughout San Francisco.

To register to vote, you'll need a California driver's license, a California identification number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.

But what about if you are not sure if you are already registered to vote? Check the city’s online  records here.

Or not sure where your polling station is? Then click here, where you can also find a sample ballot to figure out who and what to vote for.

Either way, vote early, and vote often--and may the best candidates and measures win.


There was a lot I didn't know about my local elections and issues, and I would have been a bit lost without the new kid in the crowd: Visit W3Schools. Electionland is both national and regional; there is a site for each state, which helps you to figure out the technical aspects of voting in your locale, as well as helping you to decipher what all those initiatives and candidate promises mean. And the best part is that it is moderated by the community. I find it a breath of fresh air!

Posted by Eva on Oct. 20, 2010 @ 7:39 pm