SFBG Rado: Fuck the FCC


In today's episode, we ask: What the fuck is up with the FCC -- and who really cares these days what language you use on broadcast radio? Check it out after the jump.

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The FCC should be focusing more on the business end of radio, like why there's a virtual oligopoly in the industry?!? Good luck finding local content, which has crashed in terms of numbers versus national syndication. Here in Chicago, the last "big" broadcaster of popular music to have majority local talent for just deejaying went syndicated years ago.

With regards to foul language, well I hate to break it to the prudes at the FCC, but if you're goal was to prevent the kiddies from learning such talk well...you failed. Kids today, hell I myself back when I was a Little Venom in early 80s, learned to swear at a very early age. True story, how I learned there was no Santa (we're a mixed religious family, but my mother raised me Catholic for a while) at the age of 5 was when "Santa" supposedly called my mom a whole litany of swears for accidentally dropping a heavy box containing a bike onto his foot. Now at the time we were also taking care of my cousin who's family was going through a rough patch (like I said it was the early 80s, the economy wasn't doing too hot) and he's a year younger than me. So picture it, it's the Christmas day of '82 and we both emerge from our bedrooms and there are all these presents and my mom and dad are there who say "Look at what Santa brought you guys! What do you think of that?" My cousin looks at me and then asks my old man "Lou, what's a fucking cunt bitch?" True story.

So don't give me this garbage that kids are pure in the language department. They got ears and a brain, and while they're clever not to tell you early on that they picked it up, the kids on the playground pass it on like it were stock tips or something. The only people the FCC is protecting from this, are the FCC from conservative politicians.

But lets go back to the business angle, how is it we can have such a double standard? Wait...what's this you ask? Double standard?!? Oh yes..it's call pay tv (aka cable). The FCC rules don't apply to pay networks like HBO or Showtime or your "standard" cable networks like USA or FX or TNT. The latter though adheres to the rules, last I checked, but it's purely voluntary. Now you maybe saying "well Venom, listen up sweetheart, you don't have to get HBO or Showtime." Theorically true, but have you seen the latest basic package offerings from the major companies, many are now including something like Starz or Showtime or Cinamax (also known by kids as "Skinamax" gee I wonder how??). So it's a false argument that many pose about pay networks, because it's unavoidable like it is in real life! But television networks like CBS or NBC are at a disadvantage here, something's got to give. BTW, if you go up North to Canada, they are much more lax about such words on broadcast air, you can say "asshole" last time I checked.

As for radio, like JW noted, the lyrics of songs are much more dirtier than the word "fuck". And by banning such words, it puts a lot of good people on the edge of losing their jobs by a potential mistake. It's similar to the marijuana laws, where outside of smoking pot, good folks are hauled into jail over holding a small bag of weed. Same thing. Remove the swear word ban, this is 2010 not 1950, let radio be radio and let me hear the fuck you song as it really is (btw, an 8 year old in my family emailed me a link to that Youtube of that very song...see, what I tell you?).

So FCC, if you're reading this, go after the real bullshitter....the oligopoly conservative right wing talk complex and leave the rest of us alone.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 21, 2010 @ 10:45 am

As a Bay Arean, I do not think fuck is such a bad word. If it is insulting me, I am insulted by the action, not the word itself.
Fuck fuck fuck, what the hell is in a word?
Is the FCC working for corporate lobbyists? Fuck yeah! Is this why Anarchists are the good guys in this day and age? Oh, heck yeah. Fuck the corporate media monopolies. It is time we Citizens take back our common airwaves.
Communitarianism means taking control of our community airwaves! These are the days of anarchy of the masses, or destructive anarchy of the corporate elite... which would you rather see?

Posted by Californian on Oct. 21, 2010 @ 11:43 am

You gotta ask?

Posted by Guest on Oct. 21, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

So the FCC is the big fucking hall monitor of the broadcast world. Totally unrealistic. Lots of "salty" words are part of out national lexicon. That's a fact. I personally use the word fuck as noun, adjective and verb on a regular basis. Has become completely unconscious. Does it represent a degradation of the language? No. It's just another mode of expression. Americans are becoming "cuss savvy": one day, we might even equal the Brits for foulmouthed expletive ridden verbal riffs. Who knows, we might even one day match the Irish as potty mouth kings. That's kind of a stretch though: I swear infants throughout Eire learn "fickin'" just as early as they learn "mama". Bottom line is that it's really ridiculous. My six year old was sitting on the couch the other day with his friend. He looked at his friend and right up said "Give me the fucking remote, Marvin". He hears it in school. He hears it all around town. He hears it at friend's houses FROM THEIR PARENTS. Fact. How did I react? I said what every parent says: "Ethan, I don't wanna hear that word out of your mouth again". I know I will, but I'm also not going to make a big fucking deal about it. Yeah, the FCC really needs to imbibe a big frosty mug of "Shut The Fuck Up!"

Posted by Voltmeter on Oct. 22, 2010 @ 6:55 pm