D10 candidate Eric Smith on Local SF


Coming into work this morning, I was greeted by the sight of D10 candidate Eric Smith standing under a San Francisco Bike Coalition tent near the railroad/freeway intersection at 16th and 7th Street in Potrero Hill.

Curious, I stopped by their tent where I was greeted by a hearty handshake from Smith, and plenty of input from the Bike Coalition’s Marc Caswell and League of Conservation Voters president Amandeep Jawa about why they support Smith.

“Eric is about integrity and sustainability,” Jawa said. “In a district like D10 that so desperately needs those things, Eric is the obvious choice.”

“D10 has a lot of really great street projects that are already approved by the MTA,” Caswell added. “So we are looking for strong leadership from Eric on the Board of Supervisors around biking, walking and transportation.”

Smith for his part chatted about Sup. John Avalos’ recently introduced Local SF legislation, which would require contractors to meet local hiring goals that will be phased in over the next few years.

Smith supports Avalos’ legislation—and thinks it needs to go even further.

“A lot of the folks who are clamoring for jobs don’t have the skills,” Smith said, noting that only John O’Connell High School of Technology has vocational training.

“Idle union workers could train folks for prime time, that’s the basic premise of the work that Raquel Pinderhughes did,” Smith said, referring to the efforts of Pinderhughes, an urban studies professor at San Francisco State, to secure truly green-collar local jobs.
“There has to be a mechanism to train folks who need skills, to get them truly trained and ready to take the union tests. That would be a sustainable approach and a huge part of the solution.”


I once again must point out, that Eric Smith has lied to both the media and potential voters by claiming to have 'done battle' with Lennar corporation while supporting its unacceptable EIR and plan for toxic gentrification in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Amandeep, please ask POWER and SLAM what the truly just position is on Lennar's ongoing rape of the Bayview Hunters Point and see if that jives with both the facts and the deceptions that Eric Smith is putting out to you and the public. And ask him why Grace Martinez, (one of the ACORN (now ACCE) 'organizers' who joined with the SF Labor Council to totally screw the Bayview and make a deal with Lennar in return for getting control of benefits money) is his campaign manager.

I have also personally witnessed Eric Smith engaged in directly lying to a potential voter claiming that the biodiesel program he is promoting will not be based on slaughterhouse waste from the factory farm ag industry when he knows full well that it will be. Yet Smith falsely claimed the fuel source would be only restaurant grease and butcher shop leavings from local stores like Safeway; a claim he knows is absolutely false and impossible. I know he knows this, because I've publicly debated him about that very point before.

The lack of scrutiny that some environmental groups and leaders have afforded Smith in their decision to endorse him is -incredibly- sloppy and these groups and individuals need to do much better than this.

SF Green Party -did- do its due diligence, and as a result of that careful decision making, made a strong and firm decision -not- to support Eric Smith's candidacy.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 22, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

Mr Brooks,

Where have you been? I have been waiting for you to post! I see you're keeping crazy awake on the SFBG comments.

I have a burning question: are you apart of La Rouche? Because if you are, it explains a lot.

But back to my duties as Eric Brooks is an Idiot Club President.

I see you are still attempting relevance in a district that you have no claim to. (you do not live there, you do not "organize" there - mainly because you're not an organizer - and you are not relevant in general in SF politics).

I have taken the luxury to re-post more more of you irrelevant posts and my Fact Check comments to them.

RE: ERIC BROOKS saves Bayview from Power Plant Build and Brilliant Advocacy turns Tony Kelly to the side of good. This is the one that Eric Brooks, and unnamed colleague, claim the victory and organizing effort over the power plan build in Bayview.

Eric Brooks comment:

"Let me describe my experience, which shows me that Tony Kelly will remain independent of Joe's little real estate games.

A couple of years ago, when I was leading (yes leading - and very successfully) the grassroots organizing to stop a new polluting power plant from being built in the Bayview, Tony Kelly stepped up to the plate against Joe Boss' agenda and did the right thing.

Boss badly wanted the new plant built in the Bayview so that he and his real estate cronies could get rid of the existing Potrero Hill Mirant Power Plant as quickly as possible and thereby rapidly double real estate values in the Pier 70 area (this was right at the beginning of the global real estate collapse and they sought fast action so they could make some quick money before the collapse fully hit).

Both Boss and Kelly at that time were on the SF Power Plant Taskforce, and indeed Boss had done a very clever, cynical job of convincing most of those taskforce members that the new Bayview plant was the only way to get rid of the old plant.

However I, and a colleague, did the solid groundwork and grassroots organizing necessary to show City officials and the Taskforce, that Boss' contention that the new plant was needed was completely false.

The night we made that case to the Power Plant Taskforce, Tony Kelly and a majority of that taskforce reversed their position.

When the meeting was over, Joe Boss stormed out of the meeting fuming (throwing even more empty epithets at me than you have) and the rest is history.

The Bayview was saved from being stuck with yet another polluting power plant, and the Potrero Hill Mirant Plant will still be closing by next year at the latest.

How's that for successful organizing 'Guest'?"

FACT CHECK by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Club President reply

"Wow. When you tell a story, you tell a story.

First, your inability to describe what the "groundwork and grassroots organizing" was just proves you don't even know what organizing is. Did you develop leaders in the process? Build a base of activist that are geared to systemic change for environmental justice? Are they card board cut outs that you keep at your home and call your friends?

Well, as much as I find your truthiness suspect, I believe your colleague(s) [my insert] did the "solid groundwork and grassroots organizing". They are: Greenaction, SAGE/LEJ, Mothers of Hunters Point, Marie Harris, Espinola Jackson, and residents of District 10. I would venture to say that it was Marie Harris and Ms. Jackson that started the fight. But I'm sure you went to some organizing meetings. You just didn't "organize" them.

That's actually intriguing that you would refer to yourself and your unnamed colleague as the saviors. One article by josh arce with you quoted in it does not translate as the person (with unnamed colleague) to single handedly convince city officials and the task force, that has no power to enforce anything merely advise, to not build the plant.

Also, Joe Boss and Tony Kelly, despite the fall out, are still really close. Maybe too financially close. They're seen together on youtube and the Aaron Peskin/Tony Kelly fundraiser. Joe Boss put it together.

Did you have a cape do go with your superhero "organizing"? It's a wonder why the residents of the bayview haven't erected a statue of you on 3rd and Palou. I know why!!! It's because you're not an organizer and you are also irrelevant to the politics of D10 and the city.

If your version of the "truth" here is any indication of the other "truths" that you have and will describe, insert your role in and claim victory over, I am on the edge of my seat to see what else we'll be reading.


Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President"

RE: ERIC BROOKS lays claims to taking on PG&E and passing public power single handed. This one's my favorite. Eric Brooks has worked on public power for awhile and lost every time. The recent win against PG&E was from actually having real organizers working to make it happen. You can find the rest of the Eric Brooks stories/comments on "Socialist unfriend Matt Gonzalez" article.

Wow. Even when you're corrected, you come up with a way to try to sound as if you know shit.

How many efforts were there to pass public power? Of those efforts, which ones were you involved in? The answer is 6, and I will guess all of those efforts. Sounds like your pretty unskilled as an organizer.

And so it passed this time, with a massive statewide grass roots effort. And the big difference this time is that the Unions got involved. Coincidence? I think not. It won because actual organizers got involved and made it happen.

And there was this great online viral campaign. Since you only have 85 friends on your facebook page, it is pretty safe to assume that your contribution was minimal and, my favorite accurate phrase about you, irrelevant.

Thank you soooo much Eric Brooks for Keeping Crazy Awake. Your attempts at relevance are always admirable.


Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President

Posted by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 11:55 am

Get your facts straight fact checkers. I have been involved in three campaigns for public/clean power, not six. Two of those were victories. These were; San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation (CleanPowerSF), and the fight against Prop 16.

Prop H (2008) was the one technical loss, but Prop H helped us show at least 40% of San Francisco voters how evil, deceptive, and anti-clean-energy PG&E is, and that helped us powerfully in the fight against Prop 16. Even campaigns which don't win can have high political value.

@ 'guest 666'

The proposed power plants would have indeed been in the Bayview. What the pro power plant developers were doing is trying to build a new natural gas plant right on the borderline between Potero Hill and Bayview where the pollution would mostly blow into the Bayview because of prevailing winds.

And it was 'Guest' who (while blunderingly attacking) named Marie Harrison "Marie Harris". Worse still, in the *original* text of that blog post (see http://xrl.us/bh5hw3 ) 'Guest' called her "Marie Franklin". So in re-editing his/her post to read "Harris" 'Guest' was fumblingly correcting one absurd name mistake with another one. Hmmm. Just who is it that doesn't understand District 10 and the organizers there?

Make sure you are pointing at the real idiot 'guest 666' ;)

And POWER is a group that has done incredible work, is totally above reproach, and is still incredibly active in the Bayview. Not even POWER's enemies would claim otherwise. (While you're looking for idiots to point at, you might want to locate a mirror so you can get it right the first time.)

One thing really does stump me though.

If I am so irrelevant, why are you all spending all of this time, energy, and voluminous text attacking me?

If no one is listening to me, why are you bothering?

Your logic defies comprehension.

Methinks thou dost protest just a bit too loudly.

Such lameness is pretty safe to fire off when neither one of you has the guts to use your real name on this blog thread.

I hold to a different standard, and am not afraid to stand up and subject myself to public scrutiny.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

Dear Eric Brooks,

I'll admit I made a mistake about Marie Harrison. It's important that people know exactly who did the hard work in District 10.

I stalk you because your reaction is funny. Duh.

My stalking you doesn't take away the fact that you're irrelevant. You just happen to be a perfect example of the crazy, nut job, "progressive" that have an overwhelming sense of their relevance and contribution to SF politics and if using you as an example to expose you and people like you to people that read SFBG is a first step to exposing your insanity, I have no problem doing it. I am just that committed.

Also, by pointing out my mistakes still doesn't make you an organizer. You would have to organize a base of people, develop leaders, and win things - not claim victory over other people victories.

Outside of you and 5 people, who is on the board of Our City? What else do you do? Or do you just ride on POWER's work and insert yourself in whatever they're doing?


Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President - MY NAME FOR ALL PURPOSES

Posted by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Club President on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

Just to make clear that you don't know what you're talking about..

I trained with Nader's PIRG's in the mid 80's and have been an on-the-ground grassroots organizer ever since. I have been the coordinator of the grassroots nonprofit Our City since 2004, during which time I built the group to a supporter base of 4,000 San Franciscans with an active email list of 2,700 people. I also lend my support as a volunteer organizer for the SF Green Party. On behalf of both Our City and SF Green Party I fight every week all week (including most weekends) for progressive victories at City Hall, and sometimes on the State and National level as well.

Our City works like the PIRGs. We organize the public, door to door, on the phone, and via email, to pressure their elected officials on progressive issues, and to vote for progressive measures and candidates in elections.

Through that organizing, Our City has been -key- in:

Passing Laws Limiting Chain Stores

Cleaning Up The Diesel Bus Fleet

Passing And Keeping On Track The 50% Clean Energy Plan For San Francisco - CleanPowerSF (leading that campaign since 2007)

Stopping The 'Peaker' Power Plant (also leading that campaign since 2007)

Stopping Google and Earthlink From Taking Private Monopoly Control Of Our Local Internet Service In San Francisco

Stopping the City From Giving Green Business Subsidies To 'Carbon Trading' Firms


Our City Has Also Lent Strong Support To:

Stopping Lennar In The Bayview Hunters Point

Stopping the Anti-Rent Control Prop 98 on the 2008 California Ballot

The Campaign For Prop H - The SF 100% Clean Energy Mandate

Stopping The Planning Department From Weakening The Discretionary Review Process (Which would have blocked many citizen and neighborhood challenges of developer projects.)

Stopping PG&E's Prop 16 Attack On Community Based Clean Energy In California


We are currently also helping fight against selfish developer interests in two other large development plans:

Treasure Island



I'm not going to get into a further dick measuring contest with you to prove what I and the organizations that I work with have done to support these campaigns.

There are lots of San Francisco organizers who know me, those groups, and the work we have done, quite well, and it is their support and solidarity that I seek, not yours.

But since you seemed determined to make a fool of yourself by challenging me, I figured I'd write at least this one note to set the record straight.

That's it though.

No more responses to trolling.

Let's do the readers a favor and focus on the merits of the issues instead...

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 6:18 pm

PIRG? So you're a trained canvasser. That's still not an organizer. Let's review:

Passing Laws Limiting Chain Stores - Labor, especially UFCW, have been instrumental in this.

Cleaning Up The Diesel Bus Fleet - Unfortunately, the Mayor

Passing And Keeping On Track The 50% Clean Energy Plan For San Francisco - CleanPowerSF (leading that campaign since 2007) - Interesting - Sierra Club

Stopping The 'Peaker' Power Plant (also leading that campaign since 2007) - Marie Harrison/Green Action

Stopping Google and Earthlink From Taking Private Monopoly Control Of Our Local Internet Service In San Francisco - Espanola Jackson

Stopping the City From Giving Green Business Subsidies To 'Carbon Trading' Firms - I don't know


Our City Has Also Lent Strong Support To:

Stopping Lennar In The Bayview Hunters Point - they're still here, waiting (fuckers)

Stopping the Anti-Rent Control Prop 98 on the 2008 California Ballot - Housing Rights Committee and other Housing Activists

The Campaign For Prop H - The SF 100% Clean Energy Mandate - Lost, Julian Davis, Sierra Club

Stopping The Planning Department From Weakening The Discretionary Review Process (Which would have blocked many citizen and neighborhood challenges of developer projects.) - They advise have no real authority

Stopping PG&E's Prop 16 Attack On Community Based Clean Energy In California - Unions got involved


We are currently also helping fight against selfish developer interests in two other large development plans:

Treasure Island - You're definitely not there


Parkmerced - Not there either

I guess you're not catching my point. This is still about you and not your members. PIRG experience? So, you keep people on the roster to canvass from them then call them to tell them what to do. Not surprised.

Here's the main problem with you: you never address the merits, you constantly troll the SFBG comments and attack like a mosquito, and, apparently, you are a racist. Your comparison of Bayview residents that you stated previously is all the evidence anyone needs of your intentions.

Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President

Posted by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Club President on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

I'm going to ignore most of your drivel, but there is -one- of your many factual errors that I do want to clarify; to make clear to people the real nature of the Prop 16 fight.

Unions played a role, but Prop 16 was won by an astounding and diverse coalition all across the political and activist spectrum including:

- Public Water and Power Districts
- Many Elected and Public Officials Working On Their Own Volunteer Time
- A Huge Array of Environmental and Consumer Groups
- City & County Governments All Over California
- Newspapers All Over California
- The Democratic Party
- A Good Number of Republicans
- Local Chambers Of Commerce
- Some incredible web/social networking virtuosos
- Some Unions

and a hundreds of the most dedicated, tenacious, and kick-ass grassroots organizers I have ever worked with.

And Our City doesn't just canvass. We also do a lot of coalition building, and a ton of active work at City Hall.

The reasons for the canvassing are:

a) It's the most direct way to get citizens directly involved.

b) It enables us to be funded only by small donations and completely avoid grants of any kind - and likewise completely avoid taking any corporate donations; this so we cannot be manipulated by large and/or corporate donors.

And in any case, canvassing is the very -foundation- of modern grassroots organizing.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

So let me get this straight, Eric Smith is so clever that he has managed to fool all of these organizations and people, except you. Do you expect anyone in their right mind to believe all of these groups, SF Bicycle Coalition, Sierra Club, SF Tomorrow and League of Conservation Voters and folks like Van Jones, Supervisors Mirkarimi, Campos and Chiu, don't know Eric and didn't do their homework? I know him, support him and believe in him.

Brooks, everyone in SF knows you are a nut and only tolerate you because they know they can use you to bash people and further their cause. You are a cyber-bully who gets his jollies by character assassinations and a pathetic need to convince everyone you are the smartest guy in SF. You aren't, not even close. The voters of D10 will make a decision on Eric and the rest of the candidates, not you.

Someone wrote in an earlier post that you were an idiot. That would give idiots a bad name.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 7:44 am

Yep. One thing I will say for Eric Smith, he is a brilliant and incredibly resourceful snake oil salesman. The guy is good at what he does.

He frankly works his ass off to sell his false green image, and it has worked like a charm.

There's nothing wrong with Van Jones, Sierra Club, SFLCV, or SF Tomorrow. They just got hit with a -really- professional and well done snow job, and got played.

All of these activists are totally overworked and time strained, and it is actually not that surprising that a really good huckster was able to gain their trust.

He'll lose it from them eventually.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 10:18 pm

The new power plant was NEVER suggested for Bayview. The peakers were proposed just east of 23rd/24th St. at Illinois. You a truly an ignorant and pathetic example of a carpetbagging progressive. POWER? We spoke the TRUTH to POWER
when they attempted to organize in Bayview and promplty ran them out ot the district. They took the money and got away. check that out. And her name is Marie Harrison, not Harris. Marie has been a passionate advocate of the Bayview for decades. You, on the other hand, just show up to run your mouth. Put your other foot in and go back to your safe neighborhood.

Posted by guest 666 on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 12:31 pm

1) See my response to both 'Guest' and you, for power plant location reality.

2) It was 'Guest' who misnamed Marie Harrison.

3) I live in the Tenderloin.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 23, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

WHO’S ACCOUNTABLE: A Message for the Candidates –
by theoellington.com

Whose community do you really want it to be? Right now, Bayview sits on on the brink of change – destruction for some, but destiny for many. I am fairly new to voting like most people my age and I’m extremely hesitant because it seems like there’s no point. I hear that in BVHP of the 30,000 people who could vote only 15,000 are actually registered. And, the sad reality is that only about three or four thousand people actually vote. That’s crazy. We are the ones who need the most help.

Let’s do the math! How can four thousand votes be split among 16 people who live in the same neighborhood, all running for the same position?

If we continue, no one will have enough votes to win. Right now we are not only misleading ourselves, but further marginalizing ourselves and undermining the values that those before us have built. So what will happen on November 3rd, the day after the election? Who will take the blame?

The younger generation will NOT take the blame for these mistakes. If you’re one of the sixteen candidates who knew you probably couldn’t win – we will hold you accountable. Would you still be running if you had to move if you finished in 4th place or worse? What if you lost your job in the community you say you’re fighting for? If you were really held accountable, would you stay in this race? On November 3rd, the day after the election will you still walk down Third Street, hang at the Monte Carlo, shop at Walgreens, or even FoodsCo with your head held high like nothing happened after you’ve left us voiceless and with no promise. We’re talking about being a part of something bigger then ourselves and shouldn’t let egos be the destruction of our great community. Is this what a leader does? We need REAL leaders in our community. We need you all to get together and have an honest conversation about who should really stand down so we can put someone in office that looks like me, has walked where I’ve walk, and who will stand on the side of the community. Everyone talks about being held accountable, especially for people my age, but the adults should be too. I’m angry because none of my “leaders” have taken action. So who will hold the 16 Black candidates accountable on November 3rd, the day after the election?–The ENTIRE COMMUNITY SHOULD.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 12:31 am

This young person is absolutely right. It will take a small fraction of votes to win this election and I would go beyond just holding the 16 AA candidates to ALL of the 22 or more candidate accountable on Nov. 3rd. I would also hold all the "progressives" and "moderates" that have helped further divide this community.

The next supervisor will decide the fate of this community, not just decide the fate of all the organizations and groups that are pushing them (that also happen to outside of District 10). And I think that all of the candidates need to understand that.

Posted by Guest in agreement on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

I have lived in District 10 for over 25 years. I have also been reading post on SFBG, and more recently, the stuff about Eric Brooks. I usually don't post anything because I think that stuff that is posted isn't news, it's just posturing safely from a computer. (I do see the irony of me writing this.)

I do want to put my 2 cents in about this "Eric Brooks" issue. The problem I see, as we have always seen, is that we have people like you talking about problems in a district that you are not living in.

I don't think it's appropriate for people like you to speak on behalf of community that can very well speak for themselves and will decided who they will vote for.

However rude and disrespectful your online stalker is, this person has a point about your role and insistence in District 10. I know Marie Harrison and Espanola well, and I don't think that you claiming victory when they, and many residents, have put a lot of work into improving our community. There is no difference from you and all these groups endorsements that are dividing our community. They don't live here and you don't live here.

The post about holding all the candidates accountable after the election is excellent.


Posted by Kathy on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 2:18 pm


Your criticism of me speaking about and activating on D-10 issues because I live outside of the district is really short sighted. D-10 is targeted by massive and wealthy corporate and developer interests, fast food chains, etc. because its residents have an average lower economic status, and it is therefore much harder for D-10 residents to fight back against those big monied interests. This is why the worst pollution sources, fast food box stores, and liquor stores, etc. are all -saturating- the Bayview and other lower income D-10 neighborhoods. If other organizers from -outside- the district -don't- bust their asses and get involved to help, D-10 will be screwed.

I know Espanola and Marie very well too, because I've worked -with- both of them. Both Marie and Espanola did indeed fight that new power plant for many years. But it wasn't working, and City Hall was about to approve the plant anyway; this because some very wealthy real estate developers were pushing -hard- for the plant.

In 2007, I and some other organizers had just managed to get CleanPowerSF passed into law, and knowing that this meant the City would soon be gearing up 50% local clean energy generation for San Francisco, we knew this would empower us to argue that the City absolutely did not need another fossil fuel power plant. This is when Joshua Arce (who had a lawsuit pending against the plant) and I, took the lead on that fight. We worked on that campaign every week, all week, for three years straight. This -finally- turned the tables on those same formidable developer foes who had managed to block the truly great local work of people like Marie and Espanola. Because of this added major dedicated boost from two 'outside' organizers, that plant was stopped. So while it is absolutely true that Marie, Espanola, Greenaction, and other groups worked very hard for nearly a decade to stop the plant; and they thereby built the foundation on which Joshua and I then stood to push us over the top to victory, the fact is, that if Joshua and I had -not- taken up that fight, that power plant would be under construction -right now- in the Bayview.

What would you have us do? Should I just shut my mouth and organize on local projects in the Tenderloin? Joshua just in the Mission? If we had done that, there we be yet another pollution source in Bayview.

Should the whites and Jews and the Northerners who came in the thousands to join in the freedom rides during the civil rights movement have stayed home? Should those of us who helped leverage the U.S. boycott campaign against South African apartheid have just sat down and shut up and let the oppressed South Africans fight all by themselves?

Of course not.

If you don't broaden your perspective on the definition of activism and solidarity Kathy, you won't win a lot of victories.

Finally, also note that I have largely stayed out of the debate on D-10 candidates, with the exception that I have strongly criticized Eric Smith. This is not out of paternalism, but simply because I have been helping on the campaign against Lennar and I also know a -lot- about biofuels, and therefore I know beyond doubt, and am outraged, that Eric Smith is flat out lying to groups and voters about both in order to smooth-talk his way into office. Allowing such a person to become supervisor in D-10 would be a -huge- mistake, and I'll be damned if I'm going to stand quietly on the sidelines and let it happen just because I live in the Tenderloin and not D-10.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 5:16 pm

Oh, Mr. Brooks,

This goes right back to the fact that you're NOT AN ORGANIZER.

First, you and Joshua Arce are not the saviors of D10. I've seen Joshua bust his ass, but Joshua would be nothing without the gate keepers letting him in. What is, again, incredible about you is that all of this is about you. Which is why I'm so intrigued.

What you just describe to this District 10 resident are 1) your are an advocate - very different from an organizer; 2) that apparently, District 10 residents are UNABLE to fight for themselves and their own issues and THEN compared, very carefully, Bayview residents to oppressed southern blacks during the 50s and 60's and South Africans during apartheid?

An organizer builds a base, develops leaders, and empowers them towards victory. It's never about the organizer. However, you and your "work" are always about you.

So, you're not only irrelevant, you're actual an delusional, secretly (not that secret) racist, egomaniac. You're also not an organizer, just in case I didn't post that.

But I do see compromise from both you and Kathy: I do think it's important that everyone help improve D10, however, I just don't think it should be you.

We need organizers.


Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President

Posted by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Club President on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 6:07 pm


Anyone reading this thread and others I have written on, will note that I didn't (and rarely do) say much about my own role at all, and only did so when you started engaging in trolling to shift the conversation to criticism of me in order to steer people away from the issues I was writing about (a very tired but marginally effective debate tactic). You're good enough at this little game that your attacks warranted a bit of response to defend myself, and I've done so. 'nough said.

Now, why don't we do everyone a favor and talk about the actual issues facing the City.

Trolling is done for now.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Oct. 24, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

Eric Brooks,

You do insert yourself. You do it by providing your "opinion" and your character assassinations. You typically don't have proof when you do this and when you do provide proof, it's based on conspiracy theories and crazy videos from the UK (I say the Fox news piece - you're crazy).

You're not an organizer. You're an advocate at best. You don't even work to bring people together. You further divide a community that is already divided. It's your opinion and crazy theories alone that you insist are the only way to go.

Say what you have to say, as Eric Brooks, Guest, and the guy that likes his face book comments best, but you are irrelevant and not an organizer.

Posted by Eric Brooks is an Idiot Fan Club President on Oct. 25, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

=v= Oh, so this is where Mr. Brooks has gotten to. It won't be long now until we careen into some conspiracy theory in which Mr. Smith covered up 9/11 and oppressed Gaza.

Posted by Jym Dyer on Oct. 25, 2010 @ 8:45 am

Eric Brooks is an outstanding activist committed to environmental and social justice.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 25, 2010 @ 10:25 am

yeah right. patronizing mf.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 25, 2010 @ 4:01 pm

yo, this is about D10. get with the subject.
Moss vs Kelly vs Cohen vs Enea vs Jackson vs Sweet vs Smith etc etc etc.
stick with the subject.

Posted by guest on Oct. 29, 2010 @ 9:47 pm