Sfbg Radio: Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll


You want to save the American economy? Try legalizing sex, drugs and roc 'n' roll. That's Johnny's proposal. listen up after the jump.

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The mindless bloodshed down there is going to infect the Southwest and then, maybe just maybe, instead of instigating the gangs, legalization might defang them here. I wouldn't bank on it, but they're murdering people down there now just for going into rehab.

Posted by Limahl on Oct. 28, 2010 @ 10:34 am

i've always thought all consensual 'crime' should be decriminalized..
to make $$ for wars on the backs of this is far less desirable than taxing the corporations and uber wealthy first.. right there you'll solve the deficit. quit giving them the tax breaks they have and don't burden the lower and middle classes with this overwhelming debt that is at the foot of military industrial complex and the corporations who have enslaved us.
and i voted yes on 'K' here in sf too.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 28, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

yeah Johnny legalize them for other reasons then the cash..
others owe the cash first.. i half way agree with you, just the reasoning of taxing the people is not the way to solve deficit.
Warren buffet Bill gates George Soros BP Texaco and all the other corporate interests and the DOD need to dole out the share they are way over due with paying.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 28, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

JW, like others who have posted on here, I as well agree that prostitution and drugs should be legalized and regulated. Though I highly doubt that America will as a nation be a giant Amsterdam. Two things, one, you won't find universal agreement on this due to regional cultural differences. For while you will find folks who may agree on legalizing pot, the fact is some parts of this country are just too culturally conservative to go along with the rest. This leads me to my second point, that is if there is to be an "Amsterdam-ization" it will be on a state by state level.

There's a lot of money incarcerating and fighting this supposed "war" on drugs. States take in a lot of federal cash for this endeavor. You would need, for example, for California to tell Washington DC we won't be taking in any more of that money. And while you will see local marijuana growers flourish, one need only look at the statements made by the Feds to see that they will continue to crack down. The legalization movement needs at least a quarter of the states to make the change, because they will just have the numbers on their side. And for that, I dare say, you need big money to get into the pot business. I'm sorry, but an army of small business pot growers just won't have the clout of say Big Tobacco. Yes, that sounds evil and wrong and feel free to flail me against some hot spikes. But the fact remains, these guys have the type of bribing cashing to grease the system for legalization. Once Phillip Morris is making Marlboro brand weed ciggies, then it will be in their interest to keep the federalies at bay.

As for prostitution, once more, it has to be local. I would suspect that any prostitution legalization would come with a ton of strings attached. The main regulation being that only certain commercial areas would be allowed to offer such services. It would not be as easy as your massage parlor, and don't be surprised to see cops raid homes that were really whore houses. A second regulation would be mandated health inspections, which is what they have in Amsterdam. While I think anyone should have the right to sell their body, maybe this is the price we as a society must pay to have legalized prostitution.

You could see some states being the "looser" ones, or maybe even just areas. I can see California legalizing pot as much as I can see Chicago having a commercial redlight district near McCormick Place. Taxes could go to meeting the gaps in the budgets, which actually if these ventures prove successful for state or local governments, then more would join in.

Posted by Johnny Venom on Oct. 29, 2010 @ 12:28 am