Election Night Parties


These are heady days to live in San Francisco, what with the Giants' World Series victory last night, Halloween festivities the night before, and today's Dia de los Muertos, which I believe is Spanish for Election Night (okay, we know they're different, but given this year's electoral slate, we couldn't resist). It's also a big election for The City, with our own Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris seeking statewide office, a pivotal Board of Supervisors election, and some controversial propositions.

As usual, we'll be covering and blogging all the election action live on this site. But if you'd like to get out there and mix and mingle with the politicos yourself, here's the list of parties, which will be updating as we learn about more of them:

Board of Supervisors


Janet Reilly - La Barca Restaurant, 2036 Lombard St. @ Fillmore


Debra Walker- 8-10pm Outsider (894 Geary) and 10-12:30am, Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell

Jane Kim: Public Works, 161 Erie Street @ Mission

Jim Meko- Campaign HQ, 364 10th Street

James Keys- Amsterdam Cafe (937 Geary, between Larkin and Polk)

Theresa Sparks: Don Ramon's, 225 11th Street

Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde: Eagle Tavern, 12th and Harrison


Rafael Mandelman - Pilsner Inn, 225 Church St., @ Market

Scott Weiner: Harvey's. 500 Castro @ 18th

Rebecca Prozan: Noe Valley Tavern, 4054 24th St., between Noe and Castro


Lynette Sweet: Campaign HQ, 1 Rhode Island

Chris Jackson: Campaign HQ, 93 Leland Ave.

Dewitt Lacy: Bloom's Saloon, 1918 18th @ Missouri

Steve Moss: Goat Hill Pizza, 300 Connecticut

Tony Kelly, Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, 953 DeHaro,

Malia Cohen: Poquito's, 2368 3rd Street

SF School Board

Kim-Shree Maufas – Circulating with stops at Walker Democratic Party parties.

Hydra Mendoza: Mercury Lounge, 1582 Folsom St., @ 11th St.

Margaret Brodkin: home, 45 Graystone Terrace

Emily Murase: 6-9pm 142 Clearfield Drive (Between Ocean and Eucalyptus

Interest Groups

SF Labor Council/Democratic Party: Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell St.

League of Pissed Off Voters: El Rio, 3158 Mission

Conservatives/Tea Party California Council: Pirro's Restaurant, 2244 Taraval

SF Propositions

No on B - Great American Music Hall, with Dems/Labor

Yes on Prop B/Adachi: Lava Lounge, 527 Bryant Street

Yes on D, Mercury Lounge, 1582 Folsom @ 12th

No on L: Great American Music Hall, with Dems/Labor

Yes on L: Hobson's Choice, 1601 Haight

State and Federal Races

John Dennis for Congress: Nectar Wine lounge, 3330 Steiner (off Lombard)

Jerry Brown for Governor: Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Gavin Newsom for Lt. Gov: Tres Agaves - La Plaza De Agave Room, 130 Townsend @ 2nd

Kamala Harris for Attorney General, Delancey Street Foundation, 600 Embarcadero


Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland Mayor: Everett & Jones BBQ, 126 Broadway, Oakland


Thank you for posting!

Posted by Guest on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

It's ironic that lying, sleazy Wiener chose Harvey's in The Castro. It's near his Castro Street headquarters and Harvey's is fairly large for a celebration. Maybe that's why he chose Harvey's. But Harvey's Bar & Restaurant celebrates the legacy of Harvey Milk, something that Wiener's politics don't do. One example: Milk opposed the 1970s version of sit-lie. Wiener is for draconian sit-lie (Prop L). Wiener would make a good Log Cabin Republican. In fact, Wiener is the second choice endorsement of the Young Republicans of San Francisco. I and others (as well as the Tenants Union) have already pointed out Wiener's lies and sleaze in previous posts. Wiener is bad news.

Posted by Guest Bárbara Chelsai on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

We want you to run next election and I know you can win, because you are a grate speaker

Posted by Guest on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 4:23 pm

Bárbara Chelsai in 2000 something. Has a nice ring, doesn't it? I know shit about fuck and you don't. So Chelsai for 2000 whatever. With me, there will be no lies, no half-truths, no sleaze, no devout partisan party-line bull shit, no code words (such as "civil," "sensible" and "reasonable") to try to deceive voters, won't be bought off by anti-rent control corporate interests (think Scott Wiener) from people who live here or from people who don't live anywhere near San Francisco....and with all that....do you really think I have a chance in hell of winning? When was the last time an honest politician was elected in ANY country? But then again, I'm not a politician and have no interest in being one. Chelsai for 2000 whatever.

Posted by Guest Bárbara Chelsai on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 4:57 pm

Barbara why aren't you working to GOTV for No on L right now?

Posted by Guest on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 5:10 pm

Guest, let me clue you in since you seem to be absolutely clueless in this regard. I've been on the GOTV for No on L for months now. Where have YOU been? I seem to be one of the few people on the NO side. By the way, why aren't you working to GOTV for NO on L now? Where have you been for all these months that I have needed support/backup and gotten very little? I have sometimes felt that I (and a couple of other people) were the only persons fighting for the poor and homeless and street people other than the Guardian staff. You need to look at yourself before you come at me asking me what I'm doing. Check yourself. Sheesh! (Or are you just trolling?)

Posted by Guest Bárbara Chelsai on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

I'd hate to see the shit you would write if you were interested in running!

Posted by Guest on Nov. 02, 2010 @ 6:28 pm