Election 2010: Jim Meko's "not going anywhere"

Meko, at left

D6 candidate Jim Meko was with campaign volunteers Jake Dues and Anthony Faber at his print shop on 10th Street near the end of the night on Nov. 2.

Meko and the others had ordered pizza, and a couple cans of Bud Light were out on the table. It was a quiet scene, since it was clear that he wasn't one of the front-runners. Meko seemed disappointed by his loss, but kept a positive attitude.

"Unlike other losing candidates," he said, "I'm not going anywhere. So I won't be dwelling on what I could have done to win, but what I can do next for the district."

He mentioned his involvement with the SoMa leadership council and Western SoMa community plan, which he has been involved with for years.