Newsom endorses Wilson, who endorses "the machine"

The massive Giants World Series celebration at City Hall today included an intriguing political possibility.
Steven T. Jones

As Mayor Gavin Newsom prepares to leave San Francisco for the Lieutenant Governor's Office in Sacramento, he has burned enough bridges here that he's not going to have much of a role in picking his successor. But he made a play today during the Giants World Series celebration at City Hall that just may resonate with local voters and elected officials alike.

“This town is going to need another mayor soon, and I have just three words: fear the beard,” Newsom said as he wrapped up his speech to a crowd of several hundred thousand fans, giving his cheeky endorsement to the Giants' star closing pitcher, Brian Wilson.

But during his own speech, Wilson respectfully declined the opportunity. “I don't think I'm up to that job, but I know someone who is: Where's the machine?” Wilson told the crowd, appearing to give the nod to the next speaker, Giants star pitcher Tim Lincecum, who didn't take himself out of the running.

“All I can say is thank you and go San Francisco!” Lincecum said.

So, what do you say, San Francisco? Are we ready for Mayor Lincecum?

Is this a joke? Maybe not, after all, while being interviewed before the festivities began, a jubilant Newsom said, "The politicians need to step out of the way and that's when you can restore a sense of pride to the city." And in your case, Mister Mayor, we at the Guardian couldn't agree more. Have a great trip to Sacramento!

UPDATE: A friend has now clued me in to the possibility that Wilson wasn't actually endorsing Lincecum, but his BDSM neighbor. Huh? Yeah, I'm not sure either, but check this out: