Steve Moss, sorehead


Steve Moss spent a lot of money -- and had a lot of money spent on his behalf -- but at this point is in 4th place in the D10 race. Not out of the running -- none of the top four contenders, Moss, Tony Kelly, Malia Cohen and Lynette Sweet, are finished, since ranked-choice voting will decide the outcome and anything could happen -- but he's certainly not in a commanding position. And he's not being a good sport about it.

Reporter Rula Al-Nasrawi showed up last night at the Moss party -- and got treated with a level of rudeness that reflects very badly on any potential elected official. Here's her report:

So I walked in to Goat Hill Pizza and I walked all the way to the back room and I asked these two men if Steve Moss was around and they said that he was probably in the bathroom or something, so I sat down and waited on a stool. It was actually kind of awkward because there weren't that many people there and there were all of these stools lined up against the wall. So I looked up and I recognized him, he was talking to his wife and some other people. I shook his hand and introduced myself and told him that I just wanted to swing by his party and just chat with him, and he said sure, even though he seemed a little nervous. He led me out of that back room and into the main restaurant and we were about to sit down at a table when a man Steve later refered to as his manager came storming into the room saying "Nonononono we do not talk to them!" And then Steve jumped up out of the chair and said, "Yeah sorry my manager says I can't talk to you ... your paper slandered me."

So: Steve Moss can't think for himself, he lets a campaign manager tell him who to talk to -- and he snubs a newspaper that dared to publish critical stuff about him. Almost Tea-Party-like. What a bad sign.