The end of Obama's presidency?


The tax-cut deal with the Republicans is almost unfathomable. It's the most dramatic sign of President Obama's failure as a leader, his refusal to stand up for the platform he ran on -- and it could mark the end of his presidency. I mean, he'll still be in office for two more years -- but now that he's rolled over and given the Republicans everything they want, he has no moral or political authority left, no national constituency to back him up and he might as well be a lame duck. He's certainly finished as far as most of the progressive movement is concerned. Kos:

This shouldn't be worrisome to the White House because these people won't vote for him in 2012. They probably will. But will they give money and knock on doors and make phone calls and drag their social circle to the polls? Nope. They didn't in 2010. And at this rate, they sure as hell won't in 2012.

Already, some Obama supporters are starting to ask whether we all should have backed Hillary Clinton.

So far, Nancy Pelosi is standing up to the "compromise," which essentially gives the Republicans everything they want. And the House can still call the GOP bluff: Refuse to reauthorize tax cuts for the rich -- and force the Republicans to vote to raise taxes on the middle class and deny unemployment benefits to a few million Americans. That's the only way to salvage the situation.

The Dec. 7 press conference was terribly disappointing. Obama said, in effect, that he -- the president of the United States -- is powerless against a Republican minority in the Senate. "I have been unable to budge them," he announced. He's decided to negotiate with terrorists, to let a few right-wingers hold him and the millions of unemployed Americans hostage. The polls are on his side, the public sentiment is on his side -- and he's acting as if he's being forced to negotiate from weakness.

The real-time Washington Post poll shows that 66 percent think Obama made a bad deal. 

The big problem here is that Obama looks shaken, doesn't look tough, is on the defensive. A very sad moment.  





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