Kim remains mum during Pledge of Allegiance


As the old progressive majority on the Board of Supervisors dissolves into uncertain new political dynamics, everyone has been looking for signs of what's to come, large and small. Do the new committee assignments mean the moderates will have more power? Have identify politics moved to the forefront? If the new marching order is “getting things done,” what kinds of things will get done?

It feels a bit like the end of an era after 10 years of progressives running the show, but there are small signs that progressivism under the dome isn't dead yet. Here's one: on Saturday, when the new Board of Supervisors was sworn in, new Sup. Jane Kim stood for the Pledge of Allegiance but remained mum, not saying a word.

When I asked her about it later, Kim said that she doesn't believe in the pledge and has never said it throughout her tenure on the Board of Education. Her predecessor Chris Daly, as well as Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, generally say the pledge but pointedly drop the words “under God” from it, with Daly sometimes being quite loud and pronounced in his modified lyrics.

There's no legal requirement for the Board of Supervisors to pledge allegiance to a flag, and there are many political jurisdictions that don't say it. So, is dropping the pledge from the board agenda one of those things that the new board would like to get done? Don't bet on it. But personally, it did make my heart go pitter-pat to watch Kim's lips remain still as her colleagues aligned themselves with a piece of cloth.

And at this point, I plan to savor the small things.