Board to vote on resolution opposing HANC eviction

Will the Board take a stand against the HANC eviction?
photo by Rebecca Bowe

Last week, Mayor Ed Lee met for around 45 minutes with Ed Dunn and Jim Rhoads of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) Recycling Center, Melanie Nutter of the Department of the Environment, and some others who have been in discussions over HANC's pending eviction from Golden Gate Park.

"The mayor wanted us to consider alternatives to the site we're in," Rhoads told the Guardian after the meeting. He noted that ideas had been floated about relocating HANC to a parcel owned by the Port of San Francisco in District 10, or creating a mobile recycling unit.

"He clearly had been lobbied hard by his own staff," Rhoads said of Lee, referring to Rec & Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg and others in that department who recommended HANC's removal from Golden Gate Park.

But HANC doesn't want to relocate, and the organization has the support of several members of the Board of Supervisors. At today's March 8 Board of Supervisors meeting, the board will vote on a resolution "requesting the Recreation and Parks Department to rescind the eviction of the HANC Recycling Center from Golden Gate Park," sponsored by Sups. Ross Mirkarimi, John Avalos, Eric Mar, and David Campos. While the Board cannot compel the Recreation & Park department to reverse its decision, Lee does have that authority.

Meanwhile, HANC's attorney, Robert DeVries, believes that the notice of termination issued by Rec & Park was improper under state tenant laws, and he issued a letter to the city last week stating as much. March 4, the date Rec & Park named as the termination of HANC’s lease, came and went without incident, and HANC is likely to file a lawsuit if the city moves to carry out an eviction.

Until that happens, "We're just going to continue to operate," Rhoads said, "for what period of time, I don't know."