Board to vote on resolution opposing HANC eviction

Will the Board take a stand against the HANC eviction?
photo by Rebecca Bowe

Last week, Mayor Ed Lee met for around 45 minutes with Ed Dunn and Jim Rhoads of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) Recycling Center, Melanie Nutter of the Department of the Environment, and some others who have been in discussions over HANC's pending eviction from Golden Gate Park.

"The mayor wanted us to consider alternatives to the site we're in," Rhoads told the Guardian after the meeting. He noted that ideas had been floated about relocating HANC to a parcel owned by the Port of San Francisco in District 10, or creating a mobile recycling unit.

"He clearly had been lobbied hard by his own staff," Rhoads said of Lee, referring to Rec & Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg and others in that department who recommended HANC's removal from Golden Gate Park.

But HANC doesn't want to relocate, and the organization has the support of several members of the Board of Supervisors. At today's March 8 Board of Supervisors meeting, the board will vote on a resolution "requesting the Recreation and Parks Department to rescind the eviction of the HANC Recycling Center from Golden Gate Park," sponsored by Sups. Ross Mirkarimi, John Avalos, Eric Mar, and David Campos. While the Board cannot compel the Recreation & Park department to reverse its decision, Lee does have that authority.

Meanwhile, HANC's attorney, Robert DeVries, believes that the notice of termination issued by Rec & Park was improper under state tenant laws, and he issued a letter to the city last week stating as much. March 4, the date Rec & Park named as the termination of HANC’s lease, came and went without incident, and HANC is likely to file a lawsuit if the city moves to carry out an eviction.

Until that happens, "We're just going to continue to operate," Rhoads said, "for what period of time, I don't know."


Well too bad. Since when did non-profits have a right to operate on publicly-owned land in perpetuity?

HANC, no doubt guided by the regressive progressives at The Guardian, has put itself in a tight spot. It doesn't want to move (who does? But the location and surrounding neighborhood have changed, meaning they need to take that into account) and it doesn't seem to be willing to negotiate other than by using attorneys to file bullshit lawsuits, increasing the city's costs and in the end being evicted anyway. So in reality, when the end DOES come (and it will, because HANC is not supported by the surrounding neighborhood) it's going to end up in the dustbin of history. And all because "HANC doesn't want to move."

Posted by Lucretia Snapples on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 1:39 pm

Instead throwing out the recycling center the city should be bestowing accolades in their honor. For the last 30 plus years the HANC Recycling Center has brought
an elevated level of conscientiousness to the importance of recycling in San Francisco. In other words they are the ones that started the recycling ball moving forward. Now that the city has given one company a monopoly on garbage collection and recycling the HANC can be thrown away to. This move by the city is highly disrespectful and should be reversed immediately.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

They hate the poor,

You think Dede Wilsey and her crowd recycle? Kinda doubt it. The reason Ginsberg (at behest of the Wilsey crowd) is using to evict the HANC facility is that it is a non-compliant use of park space.

The fact that there are at least a half dozen businesses adjacent to the Recycle enterprise that are also 'non-compliant' doesn't phase them because these businesses do not have poor clients.

This is just another chess move in the City-wide gentrification program.

Of interest in the vote today will be how Kim and Chiu vote. If they want to retain at least a veneer of Progressive sheen they'll vote for the Mirkarimi legislation. If they're ready to toss aside their lamb's facade totally and come out as total pawns for the rich, they'll vote 'ney' without comment. Either way, it won't matter. The rich are just too powerful in the Park.

Go Giants!


Posted by Guest h. brown on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 1:52 pm

Thank you, Rebecca, for your update on HANC's recycling center in Goldden Gate Park.

The move by HANC to save its profitable recycling center is reactive and backward looking. The conditions for its creation many years ago no longer exist. Curb-side recycling has made it redundant.

Its principal function now is to provide cash to itinerant drug addicts and alcoholics who spend their money immediately on drugs and alcohol. I live in the Haight and see the process every day.

A resolution by the board of supes, urging the city to save HANC's perk, will have no effect. Who pays any attention to any resolution by the supes?

In the past few years, our local progressive sect has slipped in its public standing. If it continues to be reactive and backward looking, the slippage will only deepen.

The odd part is, they don't seem to care.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

"Its principal function now "
"I live in the Haight and see the process every day."
-Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

How often are you at the recycling center, Arthur?

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 2:29 pm

There are so many things that one could put into this blank space -









*ad hominem diversions

*hostility to free debate


The above traits are now common-place in our local progressive sect.

If this is progressivism, then what is reaction?

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 2:52 pm
Posted by marcos on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 3:05 pm

I remember a time when SF progressivism was an inspiring popular movement that was a magnet for the brightest and best in SF.

An example was the late Hank Wilson. He was forward-looking, affable, independent-minded, hungry for new ideas, honest, courageous, and sweet.

In recent years, however, intelligence, good-will, openness, and honesty have been in retreat.

In their place, we increasingly find obscurantism, malice, secretiveness, and dishonesty.

It's a familiar pattern in history. Movements start out with fluidity, grace, and promise, ossify into obstructions on the road to progress.

When that happens, it's time to start over.

And so it is now.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

Arthur, at the risk of necrophile ventriloquism, you should have heard what Hank Wilson used to say about you!


Posted by marcos on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 6:01 pm

In a post above, opposing the closure of HANC's reclycling center, h brown says:

"there are at least a half dozen businesses adjacent to the Recycle enterprise that are also 'non-compliant.'"

What a remarkable comment! Here we find a progressive making excuses for a business's excess by pointing to the excesses of other businesses.

When did this mentality become progressive? Isn't it a characteristic of those who defend the excesses of the status quo? That is, conservatives and reactionaries?

Then again, this is the same progressive who once claimed that SF is run by "a Jewish cabal."

So progressive thinking today in SF has a wide embrace.

I'll pass on such hugging.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

In a post above, Marc Salomon says:

"Arthur, at the risk of necrophile ventriloquism, you should have heard what Hank Wilson used to say about you!"

A few months before Hank Wilson died in December 2008, I happened to run into him in the Castro, after not having seen him for a long time.

He was weak and shaky, and had lost weight, effects of the lung cancer that would soon take his life.

While we were talking, a person who lives on the street in the Castro came up and interrupted us, saying in a loud voice "Can you spare some change?"

I said "You're interrupting us. We're having a conversation."

He replied "You're a homosexual. You're going to burn in Hell forever" and stomped off.

I still see this person from time to time in the Castro.

Hank is gone.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

I said "You're interrupting us. We're having a conversation."

What a STUPID response from someone who pretends to be "intelligent" and "an intellectual." You didn't have the decency to answer the guy's question.

The answer to the question, "Can you spare some change?" is a yes or no answer. But since Mr Smug & Nasty never answers questions he couldn't find it in ad hominem self to answer that question either... asked of him in person.

Here's a clue: If someone is asking someone for change on the street, it's most unlikely that they care if they are interrupting a conversation or not! Duh.


He replied "You're a homosexual. You're going to burn in Hell forever" and stomped off.

Yes I'm sure he said all of that. You made all of that up and you know you did. Fiction. You've written things like that before and claimed people were saying them to you. IN YOUR MIND. All over the world people say things about gay people burning in hell, not just here or in the Castro. You act as if you've never lived in a major city before. When people ask me for change, I have the decency to say, "No, I'm sorry" and they usually thank me for responding and tell me to have a nice day and I return it by saying, "you too."

Why couldn't you answer the guy's question politely in a "civil, intelligent, honest, reasonable, sensible and open manner?" Because you are none of those pretty words that you're constantly spamming about and hiding behind and rubbing in other people's faces 24/7.

Hopefully the HANC will stay where it is.

Posted by Jorge Orwell 1984 on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 8:51 pm

I'm not sure what's more disgusting, that you imposed yourself on Hank and forced him to waste some of his last remaining precious time suffering you or that you now use Hank as a cudgel to wage your never ending war on the poor.


Posted by marcos on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 6:49 pm

Exactly. I will never understand why some (subhumans) think they must be nasty to the poor and homeless.

Posted by Jorge Orwell 1984 on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 9:02 pm

Do you share much in common with them Jorge?

Posted by Lucretia Snapples on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 9:12 pm

A lot of people use the term subhuman. Learn something today:

Posted by Jorge Orwell 1984 on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 9:18 pm

of calling up memories of people much better respected than yourself, in an effort to make yourself less disgusting.
Then someone who knew them better than you chimes in, basically saying that these respected and well liked individuals probably wouldn't stop to piss on you if you were on fire.
End result is, your still a sack of bitterness, spanking your persuasive writing carrot endlessly to the utter boredom of all.

" Cosmic Ladye (and she put an "e" at the end of her name when she wrote to me at the Guardian, which was often) would have opposed sit-lie as oppressive and mean-spirited. I have no doubt about that at all."
- tim on Mar. 02, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

According to media accounts, the supes voted 6-5 to urge the city to back off in closing down HANC's recycling center.

This vote will have as much effect as their resolutions on political conditions in other countries.

The supes, as a body, have consistently had very low voter approval ratings in recent years.

Is anyone surprised?

* * * *

Note to marc salomon, re last note above on Hank Wilson:

You can't build an inspiring political movement based on dishonesty and malice.

Bummer, huh?

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

His plans to privatize our public parks do not benefit the people of San Francisco.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 9:02 pm

"Phil Ginsburg needs to be fired."

- Guest

His boss is Mayor Ed Lee.

You think Lee is going to listen to progressive ideologues after all the attitude they've been giving him?

That's like expecting marc salomon to be elected Miss Congeniality.

Sorry, but some things in politics still require good will and good social skills.

How did that happen?!

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 10:00 pm

I love watching marc salomon and Jorge Orwell make excuses for homophobia.

Almost as much as I enjoy watching h brown make anti-Semitic remarks.

Or seeing Westside Progressive make comments that are age-ist and anti-feminist.

Are these guys inspiring, or what?

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 10:34 pm

You pretend to be a feminist too? You referred to someone as "Miss Cordiality." All the feminist I know and have known use the word "Ms." so that would be Ms. Cordiality, especially on International Women's Day, which is today. "Miss" is old school and it's not a word that feminists use. Your cover has been blown....again.

Posted by Jorge Orwell 1984 on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 11:22 pm

but he desperately craves attention. So he spends his days starting little internet fires, and asking questions that he then does us the favor of answering in all his glorious profundity.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

That's Mister Congeniality to you.

Arthur, I'm not homophobic, I just don't like YOU..

Arthur Evans, you impersonate women with sock puppet screen names, you misuse the legacies of the dead for your own cheap political advantage, and you felt me up inappropriately and without consent at a political event.

Inspiring, who knows, but we sure help increase the pressure in your aortic aneurysm!


Posted by Guest on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 7:50 am

This is not just the sentiment of Arthur's bogey-man, the "progressive ideologues".

With his mismanagement of Rec and Park,
bleeding money worse than ever while offering less services to the public, coupled with his bungling of the Stow Lake boathouse giveaway to an Arizona corporation, attempting to put commercial businesses in the middle of Dolores Park, closing a recycling center/plant nursery, charging money for admission to a publicly funded botanical garden, working to fill Golden Gate Park with parking meters and his own little private police army, and trying to close the public out of our own public spaces in the evening, this troll has made enemies of many, many San Franciscans.
We love this city and the parks belong to us. Not Phil Ginsburg and Mark Buell, who should be replaced as soon as possible, for the good of San Francisco and our public spaces.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 08, 2011 @ 11:31 pm

"Phil Ginsburg needs to be fired."

- Guest

Maybe so, but good luck in getting the crew that posts on this thread to accomplish anything at City Hall.

Take a look at their behavior here. They're like the cast of Monty Python on medical marijuana.

Is it any wonder that they lost control of the supes and the mayor's office, and went up in flames on Prop L?

If you want to change things at City Hall, you'll have to find some allies who can actually get things done. Stoners armed with bumper stickers aren't enough anymore.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 9:32 am

Arthur, lose the Monty Python refrain, it's boring.

I can put up with your vicious drivel as long as it is at least interesting and well written, but this Monty Python stuff is just tedious and unoriginal.

And it doesn't even serve your purpose. The Monty Python troupe was the most brilliant and progressive set of comic writers and performers in history, and comparing us to them is actually a compliment.

If you want to incorrectly characterize us as a gaggle of chickens running about with heads cut off, use that sort of image; which is actually apt to the purpose.

I take back what I said about your quality of writing on these blogs. Now that I've seen suffered through a bit of it, I actually realize it is pretty chintzy, repetitive and unoriginal.

Posted by Eric Brooks on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 12:49 pm

In a post above, marc, you say:

"we sure help increase the pressure in your aortic aneurysm!"

It's a characteristic of sects to wish harm, and even death, on those who disagree with their dogmas.

May you have a long, happy, and healthy life, marc.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 10:50 am

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Posted by marcos on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 2:22 pm

"lose the Monty Python refrain"

- Eric Brooks

You're absolutely right, Eric.

There's a big difference between our local progressive sect and Monty Python: the latter has better scripts

Not to mention better directors.

Posted by Arthur Evans on Mar. 09, 2011 @ 2:19 pm

Hey guys 'n gals. My Dad used to say to me "Suffer fools gladly".
Why not just ignore Babe 'Bozo' Ruth, you're only encouraging him. He won't go away, which is probably a good thing as the arrogant and abhorrent attitudes of characters like him and 'CW' should be exposed, they serve a purpose. For better or worse, in much the same way that positions taken by SFBG usually benefit the general welfare, those espoused by the Chronically Challenged, 'CW' in particular, almost without exception, favor 'the elites'.
Try SHUNNING - it's good for the soul and reduces gastric upset.
Go Giants. Beat LA.

Posted by Pat Monk.RN. on Mar. 12, 2011 @ 10:25 am