SFBG Radio: What is NPR afraid of?


Today we discuss why everyone seems to be afraid of a few right-wing nuts and why an undercover videographer whose work is consistently shown to be shoddy keeps getting all this attention. Listen after the break.

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They are nothing BUT corporate shills--thanks for someone finally pointing that out

Posted by paul patterson on Mar. 14, 2011 @ 5:18 pm

I guess they are afraid... of the truth?

Posted by Harrison on Mar. 14, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

I’ll tell you what I find disturbing. It isn’t NPR turning on one of their own. No, I expect these days for our so-called “public” broadcaster to behave this way. These days, folks like NPR are like that nervous-but-over flattering scion of a wealthy-but-overly critical elderly relative; always saying they “real” opinion that said patriarch/matriarch would disagree with, when away in private when away from that rich relative, but becomes “daddy’s little girl” or “best son” when in their presence. How is that any different than how NPR has been acting? “No, Daddy GOP, honestly, we do love you, please don’t cut off my allowance, I’m a good kid! See, I got rid of that bad man you didn’t like!” Queue the puppy eyes and the smile.

No, what I find disturbing is the fact that the media jumped all over this and took essentially the same view that the edited video was trying to portray. I watched on every channel, even the so-call “liberal news station” MSNBC, and outside of maybe one or two instances, no one questioned the validity of the video or whether this was the whole picture. I saw no one really question O’Keef. Maybe they did, and I missed it, I’d be willing to accept that I’m wrong here. But from what I saw, it was more the shock the observation displayed at the video than doing objective reporting on the video itself.

Laziness, that’s what I’m calling this as, lazy reporting. I mean think about it, it had to take an expose from a website owned by Glenn Beck….Glenn Beck, people! Then, only then, did someone actually have the balls and raise suspicions that maybe….perhaps….if O’Keef was willing to pull off a BS editing hatchet job with ACORN, that maybe he figured lightening could strike twice? Under normal circumstances, where one would think the mainstream media news organizations would be doing their job, that the moment this video popped up and it was known who it was from, someone would say “hey, is this another hatchet job? Is this taken out of context?” But no, instead we got what we got. And now you know why people think of the mainstream news as the “lamestream” news.

Posted by Johnny Venom on Mar. 15, 2011 @ 7:14 am

It is always easier to do things like this when a significant segment of power is on your side.

I quit listening to NPR the day that they caved and supported Bush I's first Gulf War.

Now all I do is phone into Forum and make the apologist guests squirm.

How does their theme music go: "We're all so white, so very white, ba da ba da da dam."


Posted by marcos on Mar. 15, 2011 @ 8:19 am