The GOP convention dilemma


Word in Sacramento is that five Republicans may be close to going along with the governor's plan to put $12 billion in tax extensions (NOT tax increases, just extensions of existing taxes) before the voters. The problem: They don't want to vote for taxes and then have to show up at the state convention March 18 -- where there's a move afoot (I kid you not) to pass a resolution (thanks, CalBuzz) that calls on the party to censure any "traitorous Republicans-in-Name-Only, ask for their resignation from their positions within the California Republican Party, pledge to endorse and support efforts to recall them from office, and direct the California Republican Party staff, agents and officers to refuse to provide them with funding or assistance in future elections."

Why can't the Democrats do shit like this? Censure and abandon any Democrat-in-Name-Only who supports continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and refuses to increase taxes on the rich? (Oh, wait -- then we wouldn't have very many Democrats left. Which, I guess, is the GOP problem.)

At any rate, the Legislature is going into session this afternoon to try to push this package through -- and it could be one of those marathon sessions that lasts all night. Or maybe the Republicans will vote for the budget plan -- but only if they can wait until Monday.

By the way: Isn't it odd that two crazy talk-show hosts in L.A. can hold an entire state hostage? How come we don't have a couple of crazy talk show hosts in San Francisco who can make very Democrat in Sacramento pay attention?