Is Ed Reiskin the new MTA chief?


It sure looks like it. And he could be the new Muni boss by the end of the week.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing -- Reiskin's well liked around City Hall, the bicyclists and alternative transport people think he's a decent choice and he's certainly run a big, complex city agency. But he's never run a big transit agency -- and that's a very different experience from managing the Department of Public Works.

Sup. John Avalos, who is running for mayor, told me he thinks the MTA ought to take its time and look around a bit. "Nothing against Reiskin, but I think it's important we make the most thorough effort to find the best person to fun this critical city department," he said.

But from what I hear, Reiskin's close to a lock. I just hope the MTA knows better than to offer him one of those five-eyar contracts with a rich buy-out provision. Look how well that worked last time.