Ed Lee is going to run


We might as well get used to it: Mayor Ed Lee is going to run in November.

It's not just about getting his old job back. It's about the fact that he's starting to really like being mayor -- and that his closest allies have made it clear to him that the choice is either him or State Sen. Leland Yee, and that they find Yee unacceptable.

Lee has been talking to all the people you would expect him to talk to over the past few days, my sources tell me, letting them know that he's seriously considering it and looking for support. It's a little late to be lining up big endorsements; a lot of people have already signed on with one of the other candidates. But he'll be happy with co-endorsements and second-place endorsements -- and given his connections, he'll be able to raise substantial amounts of money quickly.

Oddly enough, if he gets in, the big loser won't be Yee, who will go out and try to run a campaign as an independent outsider against the old machine (and who doens't have to worry about offending Lee's supporters, who dislike him anyway). And John Avalos will be running to the left of both of them.