The Chron's war on nudity


Poor Scott Wiener. He tries to do something practical -- telling naked guys to sit on a towel or something when they occupy public benches -- and all of a sudden the Chron launches a war on nudity. First there's this shit from Chuck Nevius, who suggests that anyone who isn't wearing clothes is some sort of a pervert:

Why? If these guys were opening a trench coat and exposing themselves to bystanders in a supermarket parking lot we'd call them creeps. But if they sit on public chairs and expose themselves to bystanders, they're defenders of free speech. Here's some free speech - when moms and dads walk their kids to school, they don't want to see you naked. This isn't a civil rights issue, it's just obnoxious.

Actually, I've often walked my daughter to school along Castro Street, and I don't care whether people are naked or not. Neither does she. My kids are San Francisco city kids; it's all a big Whatever. And the naked guys in the Castro, mostly middle-aged men, aren't "exposing themselves" in the way of a sex offender who gets off on it; they don't confront anyone, or jump in front of anyone, or try to force anyone to look at them. They aren't fucking in the streets. They're just walking around (and sitting down) without clothes on.


But then the Chron decides this is all worth a scathing editorial:

Here's an idea, San Franciscans: Keep your pants on - at least in public. Most people don't want to see that much of you. And even in a city known for tolerance of unusual behavior, inflicting nudity on an unsuspecting public can scare youngsters and offend adults. ... People who insist on walking down Market Street without clothes should be cited.

Now there's going to be pressure on the cops to find a way to bust the nudists (some of whom will love the attention), and the city will either waste a lot of money prosecuting and defending them when there's no actual law that's been broken -- or the supervisors will be under pressure to outlaw public nudity, which will create another big fuss and waste a lot of all of our time.

Besides, the Chron ought to love the Wiener law. If I ran that paper, I'd put a couple of new racks at Castro and Market. The guys who forget their towels are going to need something to sit on.

PS: If nudity doesn't offend you, check out our hottest butt in SF contest here.

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