Arthur Evans dies at 69


Arthur Evans, who once was a leader in the gay liberation movement but of late had become bitterly opposed to people sitting on the sidewalks in the Haight, died of a heart attack Sept. 11. He was 69. You can read an obit by Michael Petrellis here

I note his passing in part because he was a regular on, posting comments nearly every day on our politics blog. I disagreed with pretty much everything he said; he made a habit of bashing progressives and loved to attack me in particular. But he was almost always polite and engaged (he only violated our comments policy a few times) and so, in an odd way, was part of our online community. 

His last comment was, typically, directed at me, and I post I wrote Sept. 9 about nude men in the Castro. Arthur was something of a classical scholar who translated ancient Greek, and he suggested that I was wrongly using the image of a statue of Laocoon in "defending male exhibitionism." He noted: "Both the poet and the sculptors use the story to depict the destruction of raw male energy by an image of phallic power." My last response to him: Lighten up, Arthur.



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