Endorsement interviews: Jeff Adachi


Jeff Adachi is running for mayor -- and running a campaign to change the city employee pension system. He told us he entered the race late because he was watching some of the debates, and "nobody was talking about the real reform issues."

He talked about his pension plan and argued that it's better for city workers than the plan the mayor (with the support of labor) has proposed. We asked him why he was so focused on one side of the equation -- cutting pensions -- and not on the other side -- raising taxes ont he rich -- and he said he wasn't opposed to new taxes. But he didn't offer any specifics.

He did, however, say he would set aside $40 million for micro loans to small local businesses, fully fund the Youth Works program and summer school and create partnerships with wealthy individuals to build affordable housing.

You can listen to the interview, and watch his opening statement, after the jump.

Adachi by endorsements2011

You can watch a video of Adachi talking to us here: