Endorsement interviews: David Onek


David Onek has been running for district attorney pretty much since former D.A. Kamala Harris announced she was seeking the office of attorney general. He's clearly, repeatedly and strongly said he opposes capital punishment and will never seek the death penalty. He told us he's running because "the criminal justice system is broken" -- and vowed, among other things, to start a restorative justice system for juvenile offenders.  And although he's never been a prosecutor, he told us that "we've been arresting and prosecuting people just fine -- now we need to reform the system."

You can see a video of his opening statement and listen to the full interview after the jump.

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Tim or Steve,

Clearly you haven't spoken with Vu Trinh who also paid his 3 grand to be on the ballot for DA. I can understand that you might not think he's a serious candidate but since there are only 5 running you shouldn't shut him out. You'll figure out within a few minutes that he's the best candidate.

And, he's also categorically against the death penalty.

Good job on the interviews by the way. Now if you'd only do them in video in their entirety you'd be caught up to where the SF Bulldog was 5 years ago. On a budget of zero.

Do like the interviews lots.

Real public service.


Go Giants!


Posted by h. brown on Sep. 16, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

Thank you for the endorsement interviews. They are tremendously helpful, especially, under an IRV system. However, I noticed to date you have not done an interview with District Attorney Candidate Vu V. Trinh. I hope that this interview will take place.

From what I have been able to garnered at the debates, candidate forums, news articles, and his website, Mr. Trinh appears to be a well-qualified candidate of integrity, who is offering real solutions, in the present, to our current justice system and safety. I would like to learn more.

I hope you can provide the voters of our beloved City with an in depth and penetrating interview of this candidate. Thank you.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 03, 2011 @ 12:26 pm