Endorsement interviews: Dennis Herrera


Dennis Herrera has an interesting challenge: as city attorney, he's been barred by law, legal ethics and custom from taking stands on a lot of the legislative and political issues facing the city. He couldn't, for example, say he opposes a law that he might later have to defend in court. But now that he's running for mayor, he's liberated himself, and he's started to talk about specific challenges facing the city.

Herrera told us he thinks this is the most important mayor's race in the past 20 years and said that local government is going to have to play more of a role taking care of things that the federal and state governments will no longer do. He talked about the "culture of an organization" and his experience running a large office. He said that the city can't cut its way out of its budget problems and he supports "additional revenues," including a higher real-estate transfer tax, a more progressive payroll tax and (possibly) a commercial rent tax.

He supports an affordable housing bond -- but wouldn't call for a moratorium on market-rate housing and condo conversions.

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