Endorsement Interviews: David Chiu


Board President and mayoral candidate David Chiu could well be the person most directly hurt by Mayor Ed Lee's decision to run for a full term. It's ironic, since Chiu supported Lee -- on the basis that the former city administrator would not be a candidate in November. And he has the inside story on why Lee is in the race: According to Chiu, Lee told him that he didn't really want to run, but "was having trouble saying no to Willie Brown and Rose Pak."

Chiu has been in the center of the current board, moving away from progressives on some key issues -- but he's talking very much a progressive line in his campaign. He's promising business tax reforms, transit justice, affordable housing and new revenue. Audio and video after the jump.

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Posted by Pat Monk.RN. on Sep. 23, 2011 @ 8:22 pm

On Weds., the Richmond Reform Democratic Club shocked everyone (maybe even themselves) by NOT giving Lee or Yee any endorsement, but giving their 3 slots to 1. Adachi 2. Chiu and 3. Ting.

How did it happen? Each member was asked to pick the three people they would vote for -- not in rank. These are in order of who had the most votes, 2nd and 3rd.

The rationale? Adachi was thought to be the only candidate who had the guts to break from the pack and confront the really ugly reality of the pension situation -- which HAS to be addressed.

Chiu (the group was pretty surprised!) was chosen because they Club members havne't thought much of the Board of Supes and certainly hated their inability to get things done -- and give Chiu credit for stepping into a horrible situation and making it work as well as it has. While they feel he is young, they think he is smart, well-spoken, and has the maturity and backbone and the ability to stand up to the Board or other factions on things he feels strongly about. They liked his comments about not wanting fake turf and 60-ft lights in the soccer fields...and they feel that he could be talked into being a bit more conservative than he's talking during this campaign.

Ting spoke well, and also came out against the soccer fields proposal and the preferred side of other issues of great concern to the Richmond district. Club members admire the job he's done of "turning around" and managing the Assessor's office, whose two previous managers did a horrible job. They also feel that, as Assessor, he has enough experience and familiarity with City government to lead effecively and inteligently, but they hope he was able to keep enough distance not to have been caught in the sewage-filled quicksand.

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Getting late, Geritol wearing off. Try this explanatory Hagfish link:-
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Posted by PaulT on Sep. 24, 2011 @ 10:52 am


I am paid to be a grassroots organizer. Most of the work that I do is with the public, with other organizers, and at City Hall and City agencies.

I do a -little- media work, including some blogging, however that's just part of being an activist. I don't get paid at all specifically for posting on blogs.

To be honest, the main reason I post here (where I am basically preaching to the choir) is to take a break from regular work, and to sharpen my messaging points by engaging in debate. Thankfully, you lot stupidly give me lots of opportunities to do so. ;)

Posted by Eric Brooks on Sep. 24, 2011 @ 11:15 am

Eric, did you get the link to the State Supreme Court's ruling about Hunter's Point Shipyard. Interesting how some people continually manipulate facts, anyone who can follow a thread would realise that I was not the one who 'played the race card'. But then such disinformation is to be expected, consider the source.

Posted by Pat Monk.RN. on Sep. 24, 2011 @ 11:52 am


What I said was that some of his money comes from PG&E which, to your surprise, also is a big funder of 'Sunday Streets'. I'm certain I've drank a bunch of their bourbon over the years too. He's no sell-out, he believes all he says.

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While Lucretia The Trollop Sister Snapples fits this description exactly, and her writing style is eerily similar to Judith Berkowitz, she just referred to Berkowitz in the third person.
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For example - he still holds the Jews responsible for the killing of Christ. He's mentioned several times that he thinks Mossad may be following him, he believes commenter Lisa is stalking him and he believes I'm Judy Berkowitz.

He's a legend in his own mind whose raving are taken seriously by the number of people who voted for him in his last political race, which I believe numbered a grand total of 42.

I'm curious why he dislikes Judy Berkowitz (beyond the obvious reasons H. would have - she's a woman, a lesbian and a Jew) to the point that he makes these kinds of deranged accusations against her on a regular basis.

Posted by Right on Sister Snapples on Sep. 24, 2011 @ 10:34 pm

She said she's not Snapples,

That's just what I was told by a friend of hers. I couldn't care less.

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Posted by h. brown on Sep. 24, 2011 @ 6:20 pm

Re-entered this in case it doesn't work as a 'subject'; but the object does not change.
Some may listen to this and hear a 'downer'. I listen and it find it far more poignant and meaningful as an old greybeard than I ever did as a callow youth. Technology, the WWW etc; are touted as being a boon to communication and sharing of ideas and information. However I believe that some of the most critical elements of communication have been essentially eliminated; human interaction and direct face to face exchange. Back in the daze of silk screens, mimeo machines, underground rags etc; you had to actually show up in person, frequently for all-nighters, and relate directly to your companeros before hitting the streets and confronting 'their' companeros; many of them dressed in blue, carrying clubs and wearing masks. There was an immediacy, honesty, personal risk and committment involved. To many of us today, myself included, sit in front of this screen pecking away; though in my defense, if I could walk more than 2-3 blocks I'd probably be trying to make bail, again, right now.
However I find it gratifying that some of our old simple 'Yippie' tactics still work. Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves.
I still grin and remember when we 'Pinkie Hippos' liberated KUOW back in 1970. One of our subversive commie tactics was to invite representatives of the SYLP, Young Republicans for Freedom, Birchers, etc; into the studio for a live discussion. Essentially we would prepare by firing up a doobie, slamming down some Tokay, taking a leak, and then greeting our 'guests' warmly. We did not say, or need to say much. Ask them a simple question and then let them have the mike; nod and smile; encourage them to continue; occasionally ask short pointed questions or pretend outrage; but essentially let them babble on and on, and then leave thinking they had 'won' because they monoplised the conversation. The abhorent tripe that frequently came out of their mouths was astounding. We did not need to condemn them, they did it themselves.
After they left we usually fired up another doobie, or two; went out for pizza; dancing; to get laid; or, on a good night, all of the above.
Let's try something like that with the tired trolls here. Don't get involved in discussions of 'process' or minutiae with them, you know you're wasting your breath and enabling them. And whatever you do don't get fooled into thinking they have any interest in, or ability to engage in, a rational discussion. They will just continue spouting the same old garbage. So if you're gonna give 'em anything back - give 'em more garbage.
"WE" sometimes disagree on policies, tactics, solutions etc; that's healthy, let's continue to do so and share and learn from each other, but with respect, and working towards a common goal of improving the lives of everyone.
Recently one of the repetitive nameless, elitist, bigoted, trolls on this site declared that a solution to 'homelessness' was to drive all the poor folks out of town so that rich folks could move in. I guess they're entitled to their opinion, though it's not a solution I would favor. I suggest we try and keep working together and ignore the tiresome trolls.
Go Giants.
Just wait 'til next year.

Posted by Pat Monk.RN. on Sep. 25, 2011 @ 12:05 am