Endorsement interviews: Sharmin Bock


Sharmin Bock is one of just two candidates for district attorney ever to try a criminal case in court. In fact, she's tried plenty of them in a 23-year career as an Alameda County prosecutor. She's lived in San Francisco all that time, commuting across the Bay because, she told us, Alameda County had one of the two best D.A.'s offices in the country. (Not a nice assessment of the office she's seeking; her implication is that she didn't want to work at home because the office was never up to her standards).

Bock really pushed the experience line, saying that a candidate who hadn't been in the trenches couldn't lead a team of lawyers on the path toward reform. She told us she doesn't think low (or maybe even mid-level) drug dealers should be in jail, and is big on changing the was cases are charged. She told us she opposes the death penalty, would never charge a non-violent felony as a third strike, and would focus on fixing the crime lab problems. She also vowed to be aggressive about municipal corruption.

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