Will Brown sign Leno's VLF bill?


We're still waiting. A bill that could bring San Francisco another $75 million a year -- just by restoring the vehicle license fee that people in this city paid before Arnold Schwarzenegger gutted it -- is still sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk. And we have no idea what action he's going to take on Sen. Mark Leno's SB 223.

The good news is that he has already signed one bill that grants local governments in the East Bay to raise sales taxes with a vote of the people. So he's clearly open to the idea. Leno told us he remains hopeful. "We've been working on this for eight years," he told me. "And there's never been a time when local government needs it more."

Mayor Ed Lee has voiced his support; so has the Board of Supervisors. The SF Chamber of Commerce and the Labor Council are on board. "You can't get much more broad-based support than we have in San Francisco," Leno said.

There's a form to email the governor here.