What the Republicans agree on (scary)


The most interesting thing about the Republican debates is not where the candidates disagree -- it's where they all seem to agree. And it's pretty fucked up.

My friends at CalBuzz say this is the big story missing from the MSM coverage of the campaign so far. They point to a remarkable article in The New Republic titled "Five Things All The GOP Candidates Agree On (They're Terrifying)."

He notes:

Add all this up, and it’s apparent the Republican Party has become identified with a radically conservative world-view in which environmental regulations and collective bargaining by workers have strangled the economy; deregulation, federal spending cuts, and deflation of the currency are the only immediate remedies; and the path back to national righteousness will require restoration of the kinds of mores—including criminalization of abortion—that prevailed before things started going to hell in the 1960s. That Republicans hardly even argue about such things anymore makes the party’s transformation that much more striking—if less noticeable to the news media and the population at large.

And you wonder why Johnny Wendell wants to change the name from the GOP to the Shit Head Party.

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