Rick Perry's nutcase preacher

You'd be smiling too if you'd just poked the Sun Goddess

Did anyone else catch Terry Gross's brilliant interview with C. Peter Wagner, the leader of the New Apostolic Reformation? He's one of Rick Perry's peeps, and his crew was involved in Perry's big prayer meeting a few months back.

Lord, the guy is off his tree. I mean, full-on wackamole batso crazy.

Japan, for example, is in deep economic decline because it's controlled by demons who were allowed to take over the country when the emperor had sex with the Sun Goddess. (She's not a nice girl, the Sun Goddess.) Wagner isn't sure how that happened, physically, but he's certain that it did (since humans have been known to have sex with the incubus and succubus).

Must have been hot.

And, of course, there are a lot of demons in Congress -- and not only Democrats. There might be some demonic Republicans, too. They have to be diagnosed with a five-page questionnaire so the demons can be cast out.

Oh, and some whole cities are controlled by demons. (I wonder which ones those might be?)

When you talk about demons over cities, we're talking about what — sometimes what we refer to as territorial spirits, and they're more high-ranking spirits in the hierarchy of darkness and they're more powerful and they require different approaches, and it's not as easy as commanding them to leave in the name of Jesus. So sometimes there has to be repentance, sometimes there has to be — there has been bloodshed in that city that needs to be repented of, there has been idolatry in the city that has ruined the land. There's been immorality that needs to be repented of, and there are several social things that people really need to acknowledge that they're bad and repent of them and ask forgiveness.


So this is the kind of dude who will be hanging around the White House in the Perry Administration. Talk about demons overhead.

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