Jerry Brown has lost his mind


He's all for "realignment" -- giving counties more responsibility for public services. He's all for environmental initiatives that decrease the state's reliance on fossil fuels. But when a measure comes along that does both -- at no harm to anyone in Sacramento, and has the support of just about everyone in San Francisco from the Chamber of Commerce to the Labor Council -- he vetoes it.

Brown just announced that he won't sign Sen. Mark Leno's SB 223, which would have allowed San Francisco to bring in as much as $75 million a year in new revenue by raising license fees on cars.

Let's look at this for a moment. New revenue to handle increased state mandates -- without Brown having to raise anyone's taxes. Local control (San Franciscans would have to vote to tax themselves on car use.) A rejection of his Republican predecessor's unliateral decimation of the state budget. And someting that discourages car use in the process.

A winner on every account. A perfect piece of Jerry Brown legislation that fits in precisely with everything he's been talking about as governor.

And yet, he vetoes the bil, issuing a ridculous statement calling Leno's bill "piecemeal" and asking for "a broader revenue solution to the state's fiscal crisis" -- something he knows the Republicans won't allow and thus will not happen any time soon.

I dunno. Looks to me like Jerry's gone off the deep end.

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