Ed Lee's voter fraud problem


I realize that Mayor Ed Lee has denounced what appears to be clear voter fraud, but he has a problem and it's not going to go away. Lee has allowed himself to be surrounded by the same sort of sleaze artists who circled around the administration of Willie Brown, doing the same sorts of things. And simply calling this crew and its actions "moronic" isn't going to cut it.

Does anybody really believe that there's no connection at all between Lee and the San Francisco Neighbors Alliance or the other independent expenditure committees working for Lee? No way that Rose Pak, Lee's friend who meets with him regularly, is communicating with Enrique Pearce, the consultant for the IE, who worked with Pak on the Run Ed Run committee?

Does anybody really believe that this kind of activity would continue if Lee really wanted it to stop?

Lee's supporters say the guy is new to this level of politics and is a little naive about the rules. Sorry -- that's not an excuse. The last thing we need is a mayor who doesn't understand how important honest, open government is and who can't figure out how to keep the likes of Enrique Pearce in line. Because then we get Willie Brown all over again.

Brown's administration was full of lobbyists and so-called independent operators who had the mayor's ear, got what they wanted -- and had no accountability to anyone. Brown also had some problems with election laws.

This is a bad sign, and the district attorney ought to be investigating, fast -- and releasing the results before Election Day.