Lee fraud bumped by Hammer

Ron and Ed: Rap masters

The San Francisco Chronicle finally -- finally -- put the story about voter fraud by Ed Lee's supporters on the front page Oct. 25, and it was on the top of sfgate for a few hours. But by 11:30 a.m., the story was off the front page of the paper's website, buried where it's impossible to find without searching -- and replaced by a big story about this bizarre Ed Lee rap video featuring Hammer, will.i.am and Brian Wilson. It's almost a joke, the video, a cartoon version of a music video featuring young women chanting "Ed Leeeeee" and lyrics that just about left me speechless:

My my my, music hits me so hard,
Newsom left and they put him in charge,
Thank you, for blessing me,
and the rest of the city with Mayor Ed Lee
Got us all sayin’ “Run Lee Run”
Only five-foot-five but he gets (bleep) done
So tell them other candidates to find a bus pass,
Unless you ridin’ with us…FEAR THE MUSTACHE!

It's almost like Rappin Ronald Reagan. Except that one was actually funny.

So: A real, serious story about the kind of dangerous sleaze that we can expect from an Ed Lee administration is bumped off the top of the city's daily newspaper website to make room for a weak joke. Go Chronicle. Go sfgate.