The end of the death penalty?

Can we shut down the death chamber?

Could 2012 be the year when we finally end the death penalty in California? It's entirely possible. The polls now show a majority of people in the state support replacing the death penalty with life without parole. There's a growing movement against executions (in part because of the cost , in part because it doesn't work (most death-row inmates die of old age before they are killed) in part because it's so grisly -- and, of course, in part because it's barbaric and has been outlawed in most of the civilized worle.

And the ACLU and a wide range of allies are now starting to gather signatures for what will be a well-funded, well-organized ballot initiative campaign next November.

It's the right time (a presidential election year), the right coalition (including law-enforcement folks, wrongfully incarcerated people and victims' families), and the right message. The first step is to gather signatures; go the the web site here and sign up to help.

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