The Real Ed Lee story


The Ed Lee Story has some much-needed competition. The boring, patronizing (to readers) and over-the-top hagiography of the interim mayor was just sitting there waiting for a parody, and now the Leland Yee campaign has obliged.

The Real Ed Lee, written by the Yee team, has a serious political point, but it's actually funny, sometimes really funny, and it's much easier to read than the plodding "Ed-Is-Greater-Than-God" prose of the original. A section titled "San Francisco's Future, Ed Lee Style" notes that if the incumbent is elected to a full term

The Golden Gate Bridge will be now called the PG&E/Recology Golden Gateway to Corruptville. Make sure to show your employee badge at the the toll botth for your discounted rate (wink, wink).

HealthySF will be renamed the Endangered Restaurant Protection Act. You will be charged an additional 42 % on your bill. Please note -- no health care will be provided.

Muni buses will now be operated by GO Lorries. Surprisingly, service will remain generally the same.

David Chiu is now District Attorney. Oh, wait ....

The book goes through the details of how Lee rose through the ranks at City Hall, along the way approving a couple of fraudulent vendors and getting caught up in Willie Brown's sleaze. It discusses how his campaign is taking credit for other people's work and ideas. It describes how he promised over an over not to run, then went ahead and did it anyway. It's got a great picture of him steering a 139-foot yacht with the caption "I'm on a boat."

I don't know how well this will work, but it's clear that Lee is falling in the polls and the cumulative impact of his mistakes and the attacks on him by the other campaigns is taking its toll. And for once, we have a campaign piece that made me laugh instead of crying.