93 percent of the votes are in


And it doesn't look good for anyone except Ed Lee.

John Avalos has done really well -- he's in solid second place, almost 10,000 votes ahead of Dennis Herrera, who is in third. But he's also 15,000 votes behind Lee -- and that margin is entirely the absentee vote. Lee was 20,000 votes ahead in the absentees; if Avalos had been able to stay close in the early-vote race, he'd be very competitive right now. But it's going to be hard for him, or anyone else, to make up the vote difference.

Too early to tell for sure -- there could be a strong "anyone but Ed" vote that shows up in the second-place selections. But it would have to be far stronger than the polls have shown so far.

It looks tonight as if Lee has a commanding lead. He did what he had to do -- he had an effective absentee effort that got his votes out and in the bank. If he wins in the RCV calculation and become the next mayor, that will be the deciding factor.

The sheriff's race is a very different story. It's going to be close -- but Mirkarimi is looking very strong. He's not only in first place -- he's getting almost 50 percent of the election-day vote.

The DA's race is tighening a bit -- but Gascon is still 20 points ahead at 42 percent and needs only a few seconds from the other three to make it over the top.



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