Adachi, smiles, frets about Prop C


By Shawn Gaynor

A montage of campaign pictures projected on the wall of the packed Harbor Court Hotel ballroom (totally fancy, good desert) show a man who wears a smile with a natural, genuine ease. Mayoral candidate Jeff Adachi arrives with that smile and looks up, reflecting on the photos for a moment before his supporters notice he has entered. Suddenly, a cheer goes up.

"We're still in it, we have to be patient," Adachi announces to about 200 supporters.

Adachi is concerned, though at the apparent passage of Prop C pension reform, saying this means $400 million more in SF budget woes.

"It's just pushing the issue down the road," says Adachi who worries that the voters' choice will put additional pressure on the city's social safety network.

Adachi encouraged his supporters to go out and "do the right thing and make change happen."

"If you look at everything we've done together, it was honest and from the heart and real -- and that's what I'm proud of."

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