Herrera and ranked-choice voting


Dennis Herrera remains hopeful. “I want to see how the next round of votes goes,” he said.

But there was one thing that he was clear about: he does not like ranked choice voting. “I love the runoff system,” he said. “I have differences with candidates that need to be aired and it’s really hard to do it in a ranked-choice system."

It is a point Herrera has made before. "I don't like ranked choice voting and I never have, but I defended it all the way to the 9th Circuit [Court of Appeals in his role at City Attorney], but I think it's bad policy,' he said. Yet tonight, it was particularly stinging because he felt he could have beat Ed Lee in a head-to-head matchup.

At this point, though, it doesn’t look as if Herrea would have made a runoff anyway -- John Avalos seems to be in a solid second place.