Sharmin Bock gets jazzed up

Bock campaign coordinator Kimberly Walz Abando at Yoshi's Fillmore

The first DA numbers have just come in: Gason 48%, Bock 21%, Onek 15%. But so far a smoking little jazz trio downstairs is about the only real excitement at DA candidate Sharmin Bock's campaign party at Yoshi's on Fillmore. No big reaction yet, and the candidate isn't expected to arrive until 9:30.

Yet campaign coordinator Kimberly Walz Abando tells me there's been a lot of energy in the Bock campaign. It even reminds her a little of Chicago, where she worked on Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's last campaign before moving to San Francisco.

Rough-and-tumble Chicago is a very different place, she said, "but what's the same is you get a lot of passionate volunteers who believe in the candidate and will work 15 hour days."
She also has a policy background and liked how Bock raised big issues: "She was able to bring forward the issue of unsolved murders and rapes."