The impact of Occupy


With the city getting ready to crack down on OccupySF, and Occupy encampments around the country under attack, it's easy to get discouraged. And I know that a lot of the Occupiers aren't thinking about specific legislation or how the movement translates into action in Washington.

But it does -- it does:

In the world where Occupy had never happened, Republicans would've held these tax cuts hostage without suffering any ill repercussions. Why would they? The chattering class and Beltway media would be droning on endlessly about deficits and other things that didn't matter.

In this world, Occupy has thrust income inequality to the forefront of the political debate -- so much so that typically immovable Republicans are afraid to feed that narrative.

In other words, a ragtag bunch of hippies with supposedly no demands have done what Democrats have never been able to do -- get Republicans to cry "uncle"

And this is just the beginning.

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