The always amazing John Burton


John Burton, former member of Congress, the state Assembly and the state Senate and now the chair of the state Democratic Party, has represented PG&E and real-estate developers and helped build a political machine that stifled local politics for years. But I have to say: The guy is a great interview. Deep down, he really thinks like the 99 percent and every other word out of his mouth is "fuck."

Oh, and he's always an example of sartorial splendor. Everyone in Sacramento politics wears fancy suits; John dresses like he just came from the Occupy campground. On a good day.

Check out this outstanding interview on The Daily Show (thanks, Calitics).

My favorite line:

"My daughter bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I won't use it because of those goddam people at Amazon. I go to the book store and buy a goddam book and I read it. I can read it while I'm taking a crap."

Oh, and when the Daily Show interviewer tells Burton "you cuss more than a West Coast rapper," he says:

"I who?"

There's nobody else like him in politics.