Milk Plaza vote raises public-space issues

Chillin' on the ground at Milk Plaza (but no shopping carts, so maybe that's legal)

The supervisors will vote Jan. 31 on new rules for the use of Harvey Milk Plaza and Jane Warner Plaza, rules that could have an impact on the future use of small public parklets. Sup. Scott Wiener introduced the legislation, which has stirred up a lot of opposition -- and in the end, the decision will probably come down to how Sup. David Chiu decides to vote. Activists involved in the battle say it's likely the progressives will oppose the measure, and the supervisors who typically side with the more conservative bloc will support it, and Chiu (and maybe Sup. Malia Cohen) will be the swing votes.

There's an online petition against the measure; you can sign it here.


The Harvey Milk plaza is an important location for many people, but there are some who prefer to have more ownership of that plot of land. For now, the ground is free for anyone to lie around, like those guys in the picture, but it could all change ones the votes pass.

Posted by Mike on Jun. 11, 2012 @ 12:55 am