Jeff Adachi on Gascon and Mirkarimi


Jeff Adachi, the public defender, who has been trying criminal cases for a quarter century, had some interesting comments on District Attorney George Gascon's latest move:

Ross has already pled guilty and so he's already accepted the plea bargain.  In order to enter a plea, you have to waive your constitutional rights and the judge has to be satisfied you are voluntarily and intelligently entering a plea of guilty. In the 25 years I've been practicing law, I've never seen a DA ask a person who already pled guilty to a plea bargain, "Are you really, really sure you are guilty?" so it would be highly unusual for a prosecutor to do so, and even more unusual for the elected DA to do so in a misdemeanor case.

Which is pretty much my point: This is very odd behavior for the DA. I don't get it.

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